Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cabinet approves bill excusing ultra-Orthodox from IDF service


The cabinet approved on Sunday two recommendations affecting the ultra-Orthodox community, one of which will release most of them from mandatiory military service in exchange for alternative work in a civilian service.

The second proposal was to accept the recommendations of an interministerial committee to limit to five years the time yeshiva students can receive stipends. In addition, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office announced that 50 million additional shekels would be given to aid other students in need in conjunction with the proposals dealing with yeshiva students. [...]


  1. Did anyone notice the public attack from Aryeh Ginzberg (Chofetz Chaim 5 Towns) on people not planning to attend the Rubashkin assifah to raise millions of dollars from 5 Towns residents when yeshivos can't pay their bills?

    In a rare display of unity because for once they can agree on something, which is brainwashing the public with their self-serving Rubashkin agenda, you have Agudah, Young Israel, YU, OU, Lubavitch and the newspapers who get ad money from Rubashkin & OU, joining forces.

    I don't believe for a second what they are saying in the name of Rav Shteiman that Rubashkin doesn't even deserve "one year in jail because that's what the biggest rasha gets in gehinom". I believe they are lying and exaggerating to further their agenda. You cannot compare onshim in olam hazeh to the next world which are at least 60 times worse. It is not true that the biggest rasha is only punished for 12 months. Some reshaim are not allowed to enter gehinom for a while which is an even worse punishment. The biggest reshaim have their neshomos destroyed. You don't need to learn scary sefarim like Reishis Chochmah. This is in kisvei Chofetz Chaim.

    The letter they got Rav Hershel Schechter to issue did mention he does not condone criminal activity but did he even bother to read the letter he quotes from the former attorneys general? They write that they are not familiar with the facts in the Rubashkin case.

    Don't be fooled by corrupt organizational heads who are pulling the race card like shvartzas to scream anti-Semitism and alilas dam. The problem is tough sentencing guidelines which many goyim are also dealt. Many rabbanim who signed are not being told all the facts. Rav Sternbuch holds that supporting every criminal with a beard is wrong and turns the goyim against us.

    And remember who Aryeh Ginzberg is. He participated in the Kolko cover up in another public letter.

  2. You should just know this about the OU. The OU shul in New Orleans is led by a so called rabbi named Uri Topolosky even though the OU poskim said that graduates from Avi Weiss's yeshiva cannot be mara d'atra. Young Israel is listening to the psak but the OU does not listen to their own poskim. Topolosky gives hashgacha on restaurants and started a joint beit din where he sits with Reform and Conservative rabbis to do conversions. Since Chabad does not let Reform and Conservative use their mikva for conversion, Topolosky is raising money to build another mikva. Topolosky attends kabbalat Shabbat services at the Reform to show solidarity with them and trades pulpits on Shabbat mornings with the Reform rabbi. This goes against everything in the OU constitution but the OU doesn't care. Some rabbis from out of town were shocked when they were apprised and even more shocked that the OU is giving them the runaround. There are people working under OU VP Rabbi Steven Weil and the OU president Mr. Savitsky who seem to be Avi Weiss sympathizers. They will not let you reach the presidium and argue to defend Topolosky. They pass you off to David Olivestone the OU media spokesman who gives you a bunch of patronizing hogwash that he is appalled but that the OU cannot intervene in member synagogue affairs.

    Someone at a national Jewish organization told me off the record that I should reach out to Rabbi Shain. After I commented there the readers suggested I also venture on over to this website.


    "UOJ" said...

    I'm reaching out the the organizers of the SM Rubashkin event Wednesday evening in general, and Rabbi Lipschutz in particular; kindly have an American flag in the proximity of the podium and say a kapitel Tehillim for the USA.

    When the YouTube video goes viral, the world will see we are grateful Americans that have a gripe with a particular sentencing verdict and not with this great country. And yes, that should be explicitly said in your opening remarks.

    Let's agree on this one for Heaven's sake!



  4. Wow,you take posts from such a guy like uoj?!does rav sternbuch approve?!


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