Friday, December 31, 2010

Former President of Israel Is Convicted of Rape


JERUSALEM — An Israeli court convicted the country’s former president, Moshe Katsav, of two counts of forcible rape on Thursday, a verdict that many Israelis described as a low point in the nation’s history, but also redemptive, in that it upheld the value of equality before the law.

“There are no two states of Israel, just one state,” said Shimon Peres, Mr. Katsav’s successor as president. “There are no two kinds of citizens here; citizens of only one kind exist in Israel — and all are equal in the eyes of the law.”

The verdict capped an unusual four-year spectacle that began with accusations of sexual offenses against Mr. Katsav while he was still the head of state. [...]


  1. I wonder what Jonathan Rosenblum who praised Katasav so much wouls say now

    Thanks, President Katzav

    It is not the first time Rosenblum was wrong, he was wrong about Tropper with he worked closely , with child molesters in Ramat Beis Shemesh of whom he protects, just to mention few.

  2. Yes,what's the problem?He praised him for doing a good thing.He didn't say he's a completly moral mentch,tzaddik etc..When there was that whole uproar,you know what people were saying?how come agudah is silent in not going public to defend katzav?The jewish pres had 2 editorals blasting agudah for their lack of public support for katzav.


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