Thursday, December 9, 2010

Breslav טלטלה ב'שובו בנים': הרב ברלנד נלקח למקום מסתור


  1. Why is so difficult for everyone to believe this plague in the Charedi world?

    It boils down to some of our so called leaders.

    The same leadership that has created a welfare culture within their ranks. The same leadership that will enact "takanos" & then find a way to free themselves from their very own edicts.

    Take for example Ramat Beit Shemesh. This is a city inhabited by many young, educated families who chose to leave their "past" & do "teshuva" .

    They place all of their decisions into the hands of several egomaniac rabbis who tell them how to do everything from what toothpaste to use, where to send their kids to yeshiva (theirs of course), how to vote, where to shop, etc.

    Sadly they also place the safety of their children & families into the hands of these mazikim who tell them to NEVER go to the authorities about abuse.

    And Ramat Beit Shemesh is a den of molestors & abusers.

    Thank G-d there are rabbonim, organizations & individuals who have the courage to take a stand. They have been ostracized & derided for having the "chutzpa" to protect children.

    One askan, David Morris, has been publicly humiliated by one of these so called "rabbis".

    His crime? Starting an organization Magen to help victims & their families.

    Not only has Morris been attacked. The noble organization Lema'an Achai, which he started to battle poverty, has also fallen victim.

    Lema'an Achai has been banned from fundraising in certain shuls because ... well no one really knows why other than it's the whim of these egomaniacs.

    The scary angle here is that we are not speaking of just any rabbis. The 2 rabbis leading this battle against good are renowned.

    One, Rabbi Elimelech Kornfeld, is a recognized posek and the darling of the Bnei Brak crowd.

    The other, Chaim Z. Malinowitz, was a dayan in Monsey and is the editor general of Artscroll gemaras. He makes his position on child abuse & reporting open & clear.

    Advocates for children should make known to Artscroll their anger that such a man who forbids going to the authorities, publicly humiliates child protectors & bans tzedaka organizations can't be employed to edit their works.

    We can't be silent. We must strengthen those leaders who have shown courage & shun the others who endanger us all, especially our children.

  2. Is it a new haredi trend kidnapping people ?

    it is interesting that in this story is that Shuvu Banim is BT community and big part of the problems in the haredi world are BT problem and Ramat beit Shemesh is a good example.

    Think about all the BT that Tropper the shtupper brought into the community


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