Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crime is eliminated only if community desires to be just - G-d doesn't cause corruption

Daas Torah page 286

Malbim (Job 31:38 Summary): Why doesn’t G﷓d destroy all the wicked people in order to remove their wickedness and sustain mankind - especially since they live like the wild beasts of the forest separate from others and thus it would be possible to obligate them without harming others. … The answer lies in understanding the nature of reward and punishment. Reward and punishment is not something distinct from the commandment but is in fact inherent in the action of the commandment. For example a person who controls his lusts and desires will be healthy while one who runs after his desire for meat with become sick and be crushed by suffering. Therefore a community which strives to do good and kindness and to administer proper justice and uproot crime will live in tranquility and security without any crime and disorder. In contrast if there is perversion of justice there will be an increase in murder and robbery… G﷓d prepared the nature of man that he should gather together in communities and that people should help each other and should work to destroy criminals and murderers who destroy civilization and that they should administer proper justice in the land. By this means man will survive since the good people are always greater in number than the bad… Consequently the administering of justice to the wicked who destroy civilization has been given over to mankind who by their nature will uproot evil. If evil overcomes the good and if there is no justice then man will be no different than the fish of the sea. Thus man himself determines whether he will live under anarchy and crime. Therefore why be upset with G﷓d when society is corrupt?

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