Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Child & Domestic Abuse Book: Discussed in Hirhurim


A new book by Dr. Daniel Eidensohn, Child & Domestic Abuse: Torah, Psychological, & Legal Perspectives, displays a different balance between thoughtful response and outrage. The first volume contains essays by an assortment of professionals — rabbis, psychologists, social workers, lawyers. Each, in his own way, lashes out at the community’s response to sexual abuse of children and attempts to explain the proper response according to the Torah and/or their professional training and experience.

Dr. Eidensohn writes that we will not change the attitude of our rabbinic leaders by providing Torah sources and arguments, even from someone as respected as R. Moshe Sternbuch, who advised Dr. Eidensohn on the publication and personally reviewed the Synopsis section. The only way to spark change is to dramatically describe victims’ pain. When community leaders recognize the extent of the problem and its effects, they will join the cause. “To the degree that the rabbis and community leaders can be convinced that abused children suffer horrible lifetime wounds, you will discover that the legal objections disappear” (p. 12). The same, I believe, applies to the problem of corrupt and unethical practices. When leaders realize how much this damages the community, how deeply this disrupts the basic functioning of our community, they will respond seriously. [...]


  1. is hirhurim off line because of this review?

    sinister forces at play.

  2. Interesting. Gil Student has pulled this post.

  3. R' Eidensohn:

    Hirhurim (Torah Musings) has deleted your article.

  4. Gil said that the Hirhurim/Torah Musings website had technical problems and was down for a day or two. And he lost his most recent postings, including this one.

  5. The post is now up again at Torah Musings:


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