Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Difference Is the Norm on These Dating Sites


Sherry Nevius, single and 52, is looking for a mate with all the important adjectives — caring, sincere, intelligent, funny. Oh, and one more thing: disabled.

Born with cerebral palsy, Ms. Nevius uses a wheelchair. She is independent and mobile, but would prefer to meet a man who could roll alongside her.

“That way we’re on equal ground,” she said.

Ms. Nevius has dated several perfectly nice able-bodied men, but none seemed willing to start a serious relationship.

“I think they were a little bit scared because they didn’t know how to treat me,” she said. She lives in Normal, Ill., a town with few single men around her age, let alone familiar and comfortable with disability. [...]


  1. Rabbi Feivy Mendlowitz has gone public on his UOJ website against Eli Gelbwachs alleging that he physically assaulted little kids but that R' Malkiel, the mashgiach and Lakewood Hatzolah are covering it up and intimidating parents not to go to the police.

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  3. Did you email gordon to tell him your findings?remember he says hes not responsble for ads.And why are you knocking him only?What about vin which ran and perhaps stil runs far worse ads.Like from the jts admission office looking for students r"i.


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