Friday, January 1, 2010

Rav Sternbuch: Torah & Matters of State


  1. What he says in this is very true. An example I always igve is about Bibi Netanyahu. When he was younger, he was once being interviewed on TV (sorry, i watch TV), and asked if Israel can survive without American support, He said (much like Bar Kochva) that Israel is a contry that survives on its wits.
    But he is helpless with the enemies of Israel - and is having a hard time with Iran, not to mention the local palestinians. Iran may collapse very soon, without 1 single sho being fired by Israel, and this is the work of Hashem. The problem is do we see it often enough and recognise it?

  2. "the political arena should conducted solely according to the Torah's will".

    Correct me if I am wrong: As far as I know, Rav Sternbuch is not in favor of establishing a Beit Din of 71 in Yerushalayim. If so, I cannot understand what "according to the Torah's will" means. According to individual Gedolim?

  3. How to understand the Tropper scandal

    Putting it in proper perspective

    I think the first thing that has to be understood is why have all our mainstream gedolim and Roshe Yeshivos kept quite on this . first we have to know if he was entrapped by his enemies? lets say he was not and lets also say that the allegations are 100 % true lets assume tropper is guilty as sin, a low life , a shmutz bag, a manipulator, a faker, a menuval , you name it he is all of the above (p.s. I think he is all of the above) why have the gedolim kept quite so far? here we have a individual who took the gedolim for a ride for a few years about how he was saving klal yisroel and than boom we find out he is a scum bag , abusing his power selling conversions etc

    I think the answer is simple the mission that the gedolim stood for has to continue no matter who is the helm we need an oranazation to keep conversion bais dins in check

    We have all types of botei din in this country form rca to satmar all in the geirus business
    How do we make sure that the people being let in to klal yisroel are properly being mekabel mitzvos lets say we have a man who comes in front of a yu type bais din he wants to be frum but he wants to continue to listen to kol isha well a mainstream bais din will tell him sorry you have to be mekabel every thing . a YU bais din will tell him no problem in too days age we don’t even tell out bochurim not to sleep over at there dates house if its late just bring your teffilin with so no prob! etc im sure you can imagine all the scenarios well we have to weed out these types of geruis

    Coming up with proper standerds for all botei din set up by our gedolim and poskim will help a lot
    So the mission has to continue in spite of the personal failings of one individual

    I think that’s why they are keeping quite let it blow over and the org will be stronger with out this troubled individual of course they are embarrassed but they don’t want to call into doubt the orgs good work

  4. I would have been interested to hear about the fact that Zevulun wasn't asked to start the Yeshivah. Who was the Askan, Zevulyn or Yehuda? Anyway, I thought מאן מלכי רבנן .

    How did R' Chaim transmit his lack of emotional attachment for the Yeshivah through to the Netziv and how did this enable the Netziv to close the Yeshivah? I believe it wasn't closed immediately anyway?

    I don't understand the vort too well.

  5. Am Haaraztus WatchJanuary 1, 2010 at 3:10 PM

    The only thing that's simple is that "orthodoxjew" is a simpleton who understands very little.

    Of course there should be an organization at the forefront of halachic gerus, but hayotzei min hatomei, tomei.

    EJF must be shut down and covering up chilul Hashem only creates greater chilul Hashem.

  6. amrazus watch you seem to realy be watching there are many in the ejf who are ehrliche yidin only working leshem shomayim now that the dirt bag is gone let them continue there holy work

  7. am haoretz(watch) the others working there are ehrliche yiden i know many of them they are more embarrased of lt than any of us . p.s. when was the last time gedolie yisroel condemed a yochid for personal failings

  8. Am Haaraztus WatchJanuary 3, 2010 at 2:17 AM

    Even if some in EJF are only thinking leshem shomoyim and are not tainted by money, which I find hard to believe, they are fooling themselves.

    There are also plenty of well intentioned, but ignorant and foolish, people who believe that every chilul Hashem must be covered up. But covering up chilul Hashem only leads to greater chilul Hashem.

    Tropper is not only guilty of "personal" failings. He has been mazik countless people and is introducing gentiles disguised as Jews.

    The gedolim attacked Lipa Schmeltzer because his music is a little wild, causing people hefsedim of millions of dollars for no good reason and without warning right before his concert. R' Avremel Schorr is even caught on videotape posted on YouTube publicly humiliating him at a wedding and grabbing the microphone from him. Certainly, Schmeltzer's "sins", even if they exist, pale in comparison to menuval Tropper.


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