Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guma Aguiar in psychiatric hospital


Betar Jerusalem sponsor Guma Aguiar has been forcibly admitted to the Abarbanel Psychiatric Hospital following a court order overnight Wednesday.


  1. Shame, he's such a nice guy, I know him well. Hopefully its just a temporary psychosis.

  2. Lubicom will have a hey day with this story.

  3. Study: Prolonged Internet use may cause psychotic episodes

    maybe I should spend less time on this blog!

  4. Smoking marijuana is known to produce psychotic effects in some people.

    The sad thing is that Tropper is going to milk this for all it's worth. That he was "framed" by someone who is certifiably crazy.

  5. I think it is pretty obvious that Guma Aguiar setup Shannon and enabled her (equipment, etc.) to make her recordings with R. Tropper.

    It is already well known Aguiar was one of (if not the) first to distribute the tapes -- i.e. to Rosenberg from failedmessiah.

  6. i dont get this do we report everyones problems is there any geder

  7. Conspiratorially ThinkingJanuary 14, 2010 at 4:38 PM

    His family said that he was the "victim of a campaign of invasive surveillance and false accusations that generated what amounted to psychological terrorism."

    This just gets better and better. Arguably gives new meaning to kol haposel bemumo hu posel.

  8. May he have a refua shleima. It's true that smoking marijuana can bring about psychosis; everyone should steer clear of that stuff, regardless of whether one has a family or personal history of mental illness. This idea used to be controversial but now scientific evidence has shown without a doubt that using marijuana increases the chance someone will come down with psychosis or schitzophrenia. Using it is probably more common that people think among frum Jews.

  9. DT:

    Was Guma Aguiar the guy who threatened to sue you since he didn't like the stuff you posted regarding him?

  10. SZ said...


    Was Guma Aguiar the guy who threatened to sue you since he didn't like the stuff you posted regarding him?
    yes. He is the nephew of Tom Kaplan the backer of EJF. He was at one time close with tropper - I have his picture on this blog donating a Sefer Torah to tropper's yeshiva

  11. orthodoxjew said...

    I don't get this do we report everyones problems is there any geder
    Any reader of this blog should understand why Guma's condition is relevant to report.

    I am rather surprised that since you view yourself as one of the leading experts on Orthodox Judaism and a severe critic of all those who lack your wisdom - that you can't comprehend the obvious.

  12. What's sad is that in truth Guma Aguiars psychosis should have no bearing on what really happened. Tropper was videod and recorded doing and saying things non befitting a Frum Jew to put it lightly. Who cares if Guma helped Shannon "entrap" him? Even if he is certifiably mad it doesn't effect Troppers guilt one iota. Of course Troppers defenders don't argue with logic and after reading his defenders comments I know that they grasp at straws to defend him so nothing they argue should surprise me.

  13. Aaron S.'s comment is right to the point. look at the Tablet magazine article - Guma was the main person behind what happened to Rabbi Tropper

  14. Just to stay on the subject, It was Tropper not Guma who had inappropriate relationship with Shannon, it was Tropper not Guma who tried to pimp Shannon to do things with Amir and Satmar guy. He was Tropper not Guma qho called her “cutie pie”

    It funny that Roni was criticizing Guma for going to see Madonna (the singer, not the mother of God) in park hayarkon concert and therefore transgresses on kol issha

  15. there is a famous experiment in the science of quantum physics, known as Schrödinger's cat.

    In essence, a cat is put in a box, whcih also contains a radioactive decaying trigger, which will kill the cat once the trigger is released. On the outside, we do not know if the cat is dead or alive, and hence we are in a Verschränkung — or entanglement.
    My point is that from the outside , the EJf seemed Kosher until the tropper cat came out of the bag. So what is the status of the EJF?
    Is it treif retroactively? Was it openly treif from the beginning? Or, liek the cat in this experiemnet, is it half dead and half alive (or kosher)?
    And we wish Guma refua shlema!

  16. Cut it out already. Guma was NOT the "main" person. He forwarded tapes that he received after Ezekiel 8 distributed them.

    And even if he was, Tropper simply took the opportunity to show the world what a sick pervert and rasha he is.

  17. Mr. Ventana said...

    "Smoking marijuana is known to produce psychotic effects in some people."

    Yes, but others, such as bad LSD and angel dust are almost certain to do so.

    Hopefully, Alan Dershowitz really is on the case. If he doesn't pull out, I wouldn't give up. He is great at research. If tropper wanted to stay in the money, he had talmidim and those who never became his talmidim, who have a lot of knowledge of such things. Tropper did have access to an army of BTs that flowed through his place. One in a hundred would be enough.

    A.D., if he is on the case, will probably check if any of those people made a trip to Israel recently. If such a thing happened, they would not have identified themselves with tropper. A long shot, but so is the whole tropper situation in general. If someone did it they could have made a lot of money.

    I hope the book comes out before the movie. At this point, I'm finally becoming surprised that the large news services have not picked up on this story.

    If Guma's reputation does get smeared, then his lawyer has even more incentive to tie T.K. to tropper, and to show how depraved tropper is. That would mean showing the videos and tapes.

    If any of this fantasy does come to pass, I hope first he shows all of tropper's depravity, and then offers to settle before he ties T.K. to tropper. That would be the best of all worlds.

  18. Nothing to add, other than my best wishes for Guma's speedy recovery

  19. Re: Tropper- Epilepsy drugs are being widely prescribed as anti depressants so you cannot assume that because someone is taking an anti epileptic that he/she has epilepsy.

    Anti epileptic drugs are also very well known to cause sexual problems.

    Some experience uncontrollable and insatiable urges that ruin their lives. This is a tragic and not uncommon side effect of many psych drugs that has ruined many lives and marriages.

    Some men who take anti epileptics suffer ED. Many men who suffer from ED become desperate and will engage in all sorts of deviant behavior in order to stimulate themselves into arousal.

    Either way, side effects of an anti epileptic drug would explain (but not in any way justify) Tropper's behavior including his delusions of self grandeur in which he envisions himself as the "savior of the Jewish world" (clinically known as "Jesus schizophrenia).

    Unfortunately, bipolar disorder is epidemic among Jews.

    Refuah Shelaima to both Leib Tropper and Guma Aguiar. Mental illness is very tragic, it is tragic to the person who suffers from it and it is tragic to the family.

    G6PD deficiency has been implicated by researchers as an underlying genetic cause of bipolar disorder among Jewish families. I would urge anyone who is suffering from mental illness in their family to further investigate G6PD deficiency as an underlying cause.

    G6PD deficiency can also exacerbate negative side effects in SSRI's which would lead a doctor to prescribe an anti epileptic for depression. Unfortunately for the G6PD deficient bipolar disorder sufferer, anti epileptics (ie Lactimal) can cause life threatening side effects.

  20. jersey girl,

    no medication could explain (i know, not justify) troppers deviant actions and his abuse of well, practically anyone.

    unless he maintains he's been on meds for most of his life.


    Guma's recent visit to the kever of Lubavitcher Rebbe R' Sholom Dov Ber obm.

    Guma with R' Berel Lazar

  22. Look who is looking after this Sudanese Black guy who illegally snuck into Israel:

    He crossed from Sinai in June 2006, among the first of what was to become a steady flow of Sudanese refugees. He was imprisoned for a year for “illegal infiltration” and then released on condition he worked at a hotel in Eilat. An expulsion order was issued against him that is still valid.

    While working as a shepherd, he travelled to Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem twice a week to attend an ulpan, or intensive Hebrew studies.

    It was then that Kuol’s luck took a decisive turn for the better.

    He worked once a week as an assistant to Jerusalem gardener Aryeh Fannama, who introduced Kuol to one of his clients, Ellen Aguiar, mother of Betar Jerusalem owner Guma Aguiar.

    Ms Aguiar encouraged him to study and offered to pay his fees. He easily passed the Hebrew University preparatory programme’s entrance exam.

    Tel Aviv police complain that African gangs are becoming involved in drug trade and crime.

    Ms Aguiar says that helping Kuol has enriched her.

  23. This regards the lawsuit of Tom Kaplan against Guma regarding his messiah complex and which Guma replied that if it were true then he belonged in a mental institute

  24. Observer from AfarJanuary 15, 2010 at 2:58 PM

    It's important to know which family member specifically petitioned the court for the order committing Aguiar to a mental hospital. If court records in Israel are as open as they are in America, that petition should be available.

  25. ben said...
    "[no medication could explain (i know, not justify) troppers deviant actions and his abuse of well, practically anyone.]

    unless he maintains he's been on meds for most of his life."

    It doesn't matter. Rape is not about sex, it is about violence. Extorting women (and men it seems) to perform sexual acts is not about sex, it is about intimidation, humiliation and sadism. If it was about his sexual desires, he could have hired sex workers, especially since he traveled so extensively. Sex for hire is legal in some countries and in parts of the United States.

    Also, if he was on psychiatric medication for an extended period of time, he had to be under a psychiatrist's care for that time. Therefore we must assume he had free will.

    Still, even though he was not out of his own control, those who enabled him, such as R' Reuven, do have a lot to answer for.

    This is especially true because geirus has a lot to do with intent. Therefore those in the geirus industry need to be extraordinary judges of character. Mah Nafshoch: If the EJFnicks were great judges of character, they knew what tropper was up to. If not, they should not and should not be in the game.

    Posul, posul, posul.

  26. "Tropper was videod and recorded doing and saying things"

    No such video exists.. no one has seen it!! get facts not hearsay!


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