Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Israel has only field hospital in Haiti

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen visits a Haiti hospital where patients are desperate for better medical care.


  1. Recipients and PublicityJanuary 20, 2010 at 11:04 AM

    Here is a chance for the world to help genuine suffering people. The world is always pointing fingers at Israel for making life "tough" for the Gazans. Now the world is just sitting around doing relatively nothing for the Haitians. Where is Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas when they could be helping these people? After all these are helpless blacks with nothing but the shirts on their backs.

    The world could send flotillas and and armmadas of relief planes and ships to help the Haitians, but so far, gurnisht mit gurnisht.

    This is the hypocrisy of the so-called "international community" nothing but a band of selfish nations, who could not care much about the massacres in Darfur by the Sudanese, or the the genocides in Rwanda and Burundi, or the what went on Serbia, Laos under Pol Pot, all those things are just not newsworthy and deemed worthy of help and shouting.

    But let Israel respond to the rocketing of its civilians with a counter-strike and kill some armed Hamas terrorists the world will cry out and send hundreds of millions to help the "poor Palestinians".

    Perhaps that is alesson Hashem is teaching everyone, who knows, when the Goldstone report falsely blamed Israel for "war crimes" what is the world doing now as it stands by while as so far 200,000 people and counting are dead? Nothing! It's all hypocrisy!

  2. With all this chillul hashem being done by super-ultra-haredis like Tropper, it is good to hear about kiddush hashem being done by secular Zionists.

  3. The navi stated, "Not now will the House of Yakov [i.e. those who follow the Torah] be ashamed, but when they see their 'children, the work of my hands' [i.e. the only zchus they have are that they are Hashem's people, the 'Chilonim']..."

    Rabbi Eliyahi Zimmerman, zt'l, used to say that we see it today with secular Israel on the world stage fighting our enemies who wish to destroy us.

  4. CNN reporting positive about Yidden? It can't be! Must be faked by someone with millions of dollars to spen to create a bogus video! Rabbi Eidensohn, have you authenticated this clip? ;))

    Or maybe besides baid vaad leznus this is another sign that Moshiach is near! :)

  5. FYI Rav Eidensohn, I cannot seem to post comments from my Firefox browser, my usual weapon of choice.

    I don't know if anyone else has the same problem.

    In any event, Baruch Elokenu shebaranu lechvodo.

    As Monsy Tzaddik says, this is a tremendous kidduh hashem, made even greater because deep down, no one is really surprised by Israeli chesed. The nation has been doing that for a long time:

    They sent relief after Hurricane Katrina, they were on the scene giving relief after the 2004 tsunami, and are continually providing support on the Chad-Sudan border, as part of a larger scale program of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS).

    Turkey, 1999- Israel sends 100 tons of relief and a field hospital, as well as a 250 member rescue team. They find 12 survivors and retrieve 146 bodies. The hospital performed 40 major surgeries and delivered 15 babies.

    Bosnia, 1992- In one day, Israel sent 13 tons of food and medical supplies to Zagreb. Israel was the first country to grant Muslim Bosnians refugee status and citizenship, in 1993.

    Kosovo, 1999- Israel sends a 100 bed hospital and 70 medical personnel, as well as 100 tons of aid for the Kosovar refugees.

    India, 2001- Following the January earthquake, Israel sends a field hospital and 150 medical personnel. Over 1200 treated and 12 babies delivered.

    Nairobi, 1999- After the American Embassy bombing, Israel dispatches 150 search and rescue, medical and rescue dogs and their handlers. Also sent were 30 tons of sophisticated rescue equipment. Three survivors were dug out of the wreckage.

    Mexico City, 1985- Israel sends search and rescue teams as well as trained S&R dogs to assist, after 2 powerful earthquakes leave thousands buried under the rubble.

    Armenia, 1988- Israel sends search and rescue units and aid following an earthquake that leaves 30,000 dead and 50,000 homeless. Israeli medical teams treat 2500 at a field hospital and evacuate 61 to Israel for advanced medical treatment.

    Buenos Aires, 1994- Israel dispatches 40 search and rescue team members as well as sophisticated rescue equipment, to help in the aftermath of the Jewish Community Center bombing. Many buried victims were rescued and treated.

    Afghanistan, 1998- Israel sends 15 tons of supplies, including tents, blankets, food and medicine after an earthquake hit the northern part of that country.

    Colombia, 1999- Israel sends aid sent to that country after a major earthquake.

    Greece, 1999- Israel send aid and and search and rescue teams to that country after an earthquake.

    El Salvador, 2001- Israel send aid after a major earthquake. A medical team was also dispatched.

    Vietnamese Boat People, 1977- there were 66 Vietnamese boat people granted refuge in Israel after having been denied safe haven by other countries.

    Cameroon, 1986- An Israeli medical team and supplies were sent to help people after a volcanic eruption. Thousand are treated for respiratory problems and burns.

    Central America, 1988- In response to the devastation of hurricane Mitch, Israeli medical personnel and aid is sent to Guatemala, Honduras, San Salvador and Nicaragua.

    Bulgaria, 1997- Medical supplies (over a ton) were sent as a humanitarian gesture to alleviate shortages of medical supplies.

    Rwanda, 1994- As a result of a bloody civil war that left over a million dead and millions more as refugees, Israel send 270 doctors and other medical personnel. A field hospital is established. Over 3000 refugees are treated in a 40 day period.

    The list goes on- Mozambique, Ethiopia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, just to name a few others.

    All that is in addition to Israeli foreign aid.

  6. Growing up said;

    FYI Rav Eidensohn, I cannot seem to post comments from my Firefox browser, my usual weapon of choice.

    I don't know if anyone else has the same problem.
    Usually when there is a difficulty in making a comment it is because the comment is too large and needs to be broken down.

  7. I did just that, but on Firefox I still get an 'error 400 message- Bad Request' in the comments box.

    In fact, on top of the page on reload there is a 'Bad Request' massage that crosses the entire banner head.

    Siz a shvere leben, I tell you. I keep an IE browser window open just for you.

  8. "Th[e] hypocrisy of the so-called "international community..." nothing but a band of selfish nations, who could not care much about the massacres... or the what went on Serbia,"

    Not care about what went on in Serbia? No, much worse than that. They ("the international community") were the PERPETRATORS of what went on in Serbia. It was under Bill Clinton and NATO auspices that thousands of Serbian civilians were airbombed relentlessly while hundreds of thousands were forcibly expelled... to make room for the KLA's vision for a serb-less, Islamic terrorist 'kosovo.'

  9. Growing up,

    I use Firefox and don't have a problem, though I'm running Win98 so that may have something to do with it.

    Report the problem to the Firefox folks, maybe it's a known issue.

    Do you have the problem with other sites?

  10. Ronnie=

    I am having issues with some other blogger sites, but only as of late. I will report this to Firefox.



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