Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kaplan Foundation tax return 2008

$3 million to Rav Reuven's yeshiva and almost $5 million to Tropper's Horizons, $8 million to nefesh b'nefesh, $100,000 to Mirrer Yeshiva $100,000 to Lev l'achim.


  1. Yup, The UOJ posted it already few months ago that r’ Reuven Feinstein received 3 millions from Tropper.

  2. this is besides the $2.5M he got from kaplan in 2006 according to your previous postings of the previous IRS records?!

  3. I am ashamed. I hope this was not a quid pro quo for Tropper's good friend Leib Pinter. Even though R' Shmuel Berenbaum ztl kicked Pinter out of the office when it was explained to him what a criminal he is, this could be a huge embarrassment & stain on the Mirrer yeshiva hakedoshah.

  4. Monsey... said:
    Yup, The UOJ posted it already few months ago that r’ Reuven Feinstein received 3 millions from Tropper.

    Aaron said;
    your right ,then it was only rumored, here it is black on white!

  5. so whats the problem?

    u cant fargin?

  6. A. said:

    so whats the problem?

    u cant fargin?

    Aaron said:

    I fargin him very much , its just his behavoir in this story has been very strange, with this donation it explains some of it.The gemara says someone who doesnt rebuke his friends sins is considered to be part of it. Rav reuvens silence here is deafening, he knows the gemara as well.

  7. Rav Eidensohn, you are mistaken.

    It is not the American Mirrer yeshiva. It is Mir Yershalayim that maintains an American office.

    I wonder who at the Mir has been supportive of Tropper or if Tropper was just attempting to buy support.

  8. kaplan wants "ejf" not tropper.

    ejf w/o tropper is worth the same to him.

    this is really silly...

  9. To Mirer, who asked who at Mir Yerushalayim has been supportive of Tropper:

    It's spelled

  10. What position does Norman Eisenstein have at the Mir?

  11. Recipients and PublicityDecember 25, 2009 at 1:34 AM

    "Kaplan Foundation tax return 2008"

    RaP: Don't forget that sometime during 2008 a Florida judge ruled that Guma Aguiar could take over the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation after Guma was sued by Kaplan who wanted it all for himself, so there may be some confusion here as to who was writing the checks, signing them and making the decisions who to give to.

    2008 was a confusing year for this foundation as it emerged from a law suit brought by Kaplan against his nephew Guma and then the court awarded control of it to Guma, making it a loss for Kaplan.

    "Look on the next to last page for a list of donations - including $3 million to Rav Reuven's yeshiva"

    RaP: Indeed, and according to reliable reports heard directly from Guma, on top of that he gave another $3 million directly "into the pocket" of R Reuven Feinstein that has still not beena accounted for by R Feinstein following the break between Kaplan and his nephew Guma who were both being milked (or is it bilked) by Tropper and Feinstein big time!

    "and almost $5 million to Tropper's Horizons,"

    RaP: Naturally. What does Tropper need so much money for? And he is such a cheapskate yet and nitpicks over every dollar whenever he can. There must surely be some big fat bank accounts in Switzerland in the name of Leib and Leba Tropper. Otherwise it makes no sense where all that kind of money went to. No way that Horizon's true expense topped that kind of multi-million money that befits a yeshiva the size of Torah Vo'Daas.

    "$8 million to nefesh b'nefesh,"

    RaP: This was probably the famous initial act by Guma when he walked into the Nefesh BeNefesh office and gave them that money. He had every right to because he and his mother were the co-founders of the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation and were the ones empowered to write the checks.

    "$100,000 to American Mirrer Yeshiva"

    RaP: This item is not clear, and needs further claification. Which Mir because the one in Brooklyn and the one in Jerusalem are split. In a din Torah a long time ago they agreed to have different names, the one in Brooklyn is officially called the "Mirrer yeshiva" while the one in Jerusalem is called "Mir yeshiva" so who and what was going on here needs to be clarified. Was the money coming from Guma or from Kaplan's/Tropper's instructions?

    "$100,000 to Lev l'achim."

    RaP: Lev le'achim? Wasn't Tropper kvelling about Yad Le'achim? Also needs more clarification as to who and what is going on here.

  12. Question: Does Kaplan give money direct to EJF or only to Horizons? If only to Horizons, doesn't that mean Tropper is still involved with EJF since he controls the funds through Horizons?

  13. ok , get this...a family member of mine is a vendor for EJF/Horizons for certain goods/services, checks/pymts rcvd have NEVER been signed by Rabbi Tropper! so stop making up falsehoods.. I think you are all so jealous that donations of this amount was not given to your agendas


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