Friday, January 8, 2010

EJF - Important background information

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A woman from Houston who got mixed up in a sex scandal with a prominent haredi rabbi from Monsey, New York, arrived in Israel clandestinely and was converted to Judaism on Sunday in Alon Shvut by Safed Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, Hebron-Kiryat Arba Chief Rabbi Dov Lior and a third rabbi who preferred to remain anonymous.



  1. Thank you Rachel Orand. Throughout our history there have been Rabbis from Christian countries who do not understand this about Christianity:

    ""I told them that I come from Christianity, an idolatrous religious that worships a man as God. Judaism, in contrast, worships God directly. And no man can take that away from me. I am not worshiping a man anymore," Orand said."

    I hope that your message to the Jewish people will not be lost or forgotten.

    Mazal Tov! to you. Hatzlacha Rabbah! Hazak u'Baruch!

  2. If the following is true, it is a far, far greater chillul Hashem than the EJF scandal:

  3. Mazal Tov Rachel. Hatzlacha Rabba!May Hashem bless you with koach on your new journey as a Jew. We welcome you with open arms.

  4. the other link is on the maariv website in Hebrew:

    I don't wish to translate the title for reasons of Kedusha.
    The word "sarsur" in Mishnaic Hebrew means "middleman" = businesman. In modern Hebrew it has become a derogatory word.
    I suggest that in Mishnaic times, there was no such Hebrew word for that , since there was a chazaka the Jews did not engage this kind of "business". Cetainly Talmidei Hachamim. What a disgrace and hillul Hashem.

  5. what does rav sternbuch hold of this geirus?

  6. Eisentein is a real piece of work. He's going on about standards when his henchman in the U.S. was engaged in such behavior. Disgusting.

  7. What is the Beis Din of Houston's reaction to this? Will Rabbi Wender accept her in his shul as a Jew? I don't know the answers to these, but I am interested to know.
    Does Rabbi Eidensohn consider Rochel Orand to be a Jew? itchiemayer

  8. Mazal tov Sharon!

    I was really happy when read the "happy beginning" of your new life.

  9. Interesting, in the maariv interview she says there was never any physical relationship with him. In the same article they quote sources saying they have pictures / video of LT. So the pics / video are of LT with someone other than her?

  10. Recipients and PublicityJanuary 10, 2010 at 2:51 AM

    "I told them that I come from Christianity, an idolatrous religious that worships a man as God. Judaism, in contrast, worships God directly. And no man can take that away from me. I am not worshiping a man anymore," Orand said."

    There is an underlying meaning and implication to her words that may be easily missed simply because they are so obvious and shocking, that she is saying that she is not just free of Christianity's "man" (oso ish, Jesus) but she is openly declaring that she has rid herself of another "man" (a human dybuk to put it in popular parlance) who super-imposed himself on her (bad pun) as a "god" and he is none other than Tropper who wished to rule over this vulnerable woman and many others like her no less than Christianity imposes the rule of oso ish Jesus upon its practitioners with the "body" of the various churches being regarded as continuing the "work" of it's founder and hence it is not suprising that they too violate the physical bounds of many members and commit sexual, psychological, emotional, and sometimes even physical abuse as MEN -- all in the name of the "higher cause" of serving a supreme deity (read ultra-charedi "universal" conversions authorized by EJF only).

    This is dangerous stuff and it again points out that Tropper regards himself as "above the law" in the name of his self-appointed mission of "saving" the Jews and all man- and woman-kind in the ways that HE sees fit, no different to and justifying immorality and amorality than the Sabbateans and the Frankists.

    It is a real shame and pity that so many rabbonim were and still are bought off and blinded by all the bribery stemming from Leib and Leba Tropper's chief enabler and biggest fans Tom Kaplan and his wife Dafna Recanati.

    The Rabbonim who were fed tens of millions of dollars, both large and small amounts, DIRECTLY from the hands of none other than Tropper himself who guided and directed to whom and how much and for what Kaplan's money should be used, and always with the underlying objective of Tropper's own sef-aggrandizement and promotion of his ego and power needs, like feeding poison gas or poison mushromms to unsuspecting children or to children who refuse to admit that they are being fed Jim Jones cool-aid from Tropper's yetzer hora powered by Kaplan's blind faith in this false messiah, not to mention that the monye is mingled with sexploits and prostitution of conversion candidates -- so how can this money EVER be regarded as "kosher" money especially to help DAYANIM, BATEI DIN and all sorts of Torah mosdos??? This shochad is forbidden, it blinds, that is what Yiddishkeit teaches, it's a din from the Torah, it's an indisputbale halachah, a pure hashkofa, and it's an undeniable metsius -- even secular judges are removed and sent to jail for taking bribes, let alone being guilty of conflict of interests and incapacitaion of any legal system.

    Guma Aguiar already saw the problem a while ago, and about two years ago sarted the process of dumping and denouncing Tropper and cutting off the big money he used to give him that was Tropper's "energy" and "oxygen" supply, like a power-hungry addict benefitting from hoards of dark cash, but Tom Kaplan and his wife Dafna Recanati are still spellbound and held captive by the Leib and Leba Tropper dybuk.

    Remove the curse of the tainted money leaking from the pockets of Tom Kaplan and Dafna Recanati into the Tropper run EJF machine and the spell is automatically broken!

  11. Rabbi Wender gave a talk this past Shabbos on the EJF scandal and Shannon's conversion.

    He stated: "It is my position, and the position of this shul, that we have a new member of klal Israel"

  12. The question isn't whether Shannon is accepted or not. For better or worse she received a conversion. The question is her children. Under most divorce decrees, the religion of the children cannot be changed without consent from both parents. In that case, her children may never receive conversions. No one found it strange that she alone went to Israel without the kids. Its because the kids cannot be converted without the father's permission. If so, why do we have goyim in our children's school? This has nothing to do with Shannon. This is about a Jewish school doing what it is supposed to do. Enroll "JEWISH" children. Rabbi Wender will sometimes have goyish children enrolled if they are on the way to conversion with the rational that they need to learn how to be Jewish. This is not this case. These children are goyim, will most likely never be allowed to convert, and should therefore not be allowed with our children. There is already talk in the community of parents withholding tuition until this matter is settled once and for all.

  13. Rabbi Wender just confirmed for me the comment of Houston. Said that the comment is correct from what he can ascertain there 3 kasher Rabbis and a sincere kabbalas mitzvahs


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