Thursday, January 7, 2010

EJF ad in Mishpacha Magazine


  1. doc isnt coming up by me?

  2. The link is marked as private, password protected.

    Coudl ou make it public?

  3. Image is private. According to scribd it requires a password to view.

  4. It says:

    You don't have permission to view this document. (Why not?)

    The owner of this document has chosen for this document to be secret—only people with the correct password can view it.

  5. For those having trouble viewing it - it shows up on my computer - click the top of the bar where it says scribd. That will take you to the web site where the file is stored.

  6. Now getting this message:

    Error loading document info: 'Error #2032'

  7. Don't know what your problem is. I am using firefox and it shows without problem. Again trying clicking the top bar and go to scribd

  8. Eternal Jewish Fraud WatchJanuary 7, 2010 at 9:50 PM

    Maybe Rabbi Feivel Mendlowitz will be kind enough to pay for a counter ad.

    Tropper is his biggest peeve after Margulies-Kolko child abuse and he paid $20,000 for a mailer to warn the public to protect themselves in the first case.

    (The Jewish Press that also grabs Tropper's money to run EJF ads, attacked Mendlowitz at the time over the mailing with a smug lead editorial.)

  9. On Google Chrome, I had to reload the page a few times before it was viewable.

  10. This same ad was in Hamodia, Yated and the 5tjts.

  11. Recipients and PublicityJanuary 8, 2010 at 7:19 AM

    This is the exact same ad that was a full page on page 2 of last week's Jewish Press, and also as a full page somewhere in the middle of last week's English language Hamodia. Naturally the English Yated did not run the ad (ther are anti-Tropper and hence anti-EJF that is till under Tropper's and Kaplan's spell.)

    Somebody is spending a lot of money paying for the designing and then running the ads, it must add (good pun) up to over a hundred thousands dollars or more to pay for the professional graphics and costs of placing the full page ads, excluding the monetary gains of the the 3 signatories who shamelessly sign this disgraceful document as if it was some "heavenly dispenstation" and the cavaliar way the ad and the Hebrew apologia letter dismisses the "unfortunate" events as if they do not recognize the horrible Chillul Hashem and its fallout and the catastrophic predicament they are in.

  12. I guess EJF received their monies for the year.

    It's interesting that EJF refers to its "mission" Does that make its employees missionaries?

  13. Recipients and PublicityJanuary 10, 2010 at 3:19 AM

    There was a new version of this ad with a "mini" little added in supposedly 5 rabbinic greats encouraging Tom Kaplan (no word on the rabbinic greats condemning Tropper yet) in the latest English Hamodia. It will probably appear in next week's English mishpocha. They are still blowing money away to save themselves.

    Like a doctor who has lost his license ort a rabbis who has been defrocked trying to save the "good name" of the practice he founded or of the board of directors. It won't work, simply because the future clients/customers/patients woul be crazy to patronize and seek the "approval" of an organization whose founder and absolute supreme spiritual guide (i.e. Tropper) has been revealed together with his wife Leba, to be a fake, fraud, charlatan, sexual pervert, unethical manipulator and was forced to resign in utter shame and humiliating disgrace because the evidence against him and his wife was so damning and disgusting.

    The rabbonim must stop dreaming and embrace the truth and reality.

    But then again they are all probably suffering from the affliction of being hand-picked and targeted by Tropper, in reverse scam fashion because their "approbations" would be needed.

    It's disgracefull that they never approved EJF IN WRITING in EJF's own glory days, but now that EJF is a tainted Titanic and has sunk to the bottom of an ocean of putrid scandal, beyond all repair from Tropper's own sexually perverted-fueled fall from grace they supposedly come forth to sign a note to back KAPLAN an irreligious Jew and not for ANY rabbi, due to them having received large sums of tainted money that was handed to them over the last four years by Tropper personally coming from Tropper's unthinking and totally hypnotized blind disciples Tom Kaplan and his wife Dafna Recanati.

    Remove the tainted money that got to them from Tropper's radiocative with sin hands in the past and perhaps even now and they will see the truth and stopp the foolishness of trying to revive the hopelssly dead broken-up EJF horse that has collapsed under the weight of its own misdeeeds and corruption.

    Here is agood rhyme, based on "Humpty Dumpty":

    "EJF sat on the wall. EJF had a great fall. All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put EJF together again" !!!

  14. who are the signatories?

  15. This ad is a lie. My application has EJF on the header. My correspondence shows they assigned me a "converting" rabbi from EJF. So they can get on with the lie because no one has enough money t challenge them? It is old news and no one really cares about the cnvert anyway. So what now for thoe conversions on hold at EJF?


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