Friday, January 15, 2010

EJF - More criticism from Rabbi Aba Dunner

5tJewish Times

The Conference of European Rabbis is the primary Orthodox rabbinic organization in Europe. Its current executive director is Rabbi Aba Dunner. The Five Towns Jewish Times spoke with Rabbi Dunner in an exclusive interview concerning the recent statement by the CER about the Eternal Jewish Family (the EJF).

The Confence of European Rabbis was founded in 1956 on the initiative of British Chief Rabbi Sir Israel Brodie. All the chief rabbis across Europe joined the organization and attended its first conference in Amsterdam. It is now run by a standing committee of 25 members which meets twice a year, and just met in Moscow. [...]


  1. The biggest shock so far is that Rav Alster popped up in IRS records as receiving big money from Tropper. Rav Paler's a talmid, how could he? The oylam is hoping that if anyone was completely duped it must be Rav Alster and he will hopefully listen to Dayan Dunner's aitzah and give the tomeidik money to tzedokoh.

  2. Eternal Jewish Fraud WatchJanuary 15, 2010 at 3:15 PM

    Can anyone independently verify this?

    One viciously anti-frum blog is reporting that Rav Amar is now refusing to speak to anyone from EJF after being shown the Tropper video.[...]

  3. Perhaps we should reconsider US Independence from Great Britain, at least for the Jewish community?

    Thank you Rabbi Dunner! May Hashem bless you and your family abundantly.

  4. I am a litle skeptical about Rav Dunner's excelelnt damage limitation exercise. Of course he is correct is his criticisms.
    But this has only come out after tropprgate. He may personally have disliked tropper, but if these concerns wre genuine CER policy, why was Dayan Ehrentreu so active in the EJF, with his name on their halachic committee?
    This alone gave creedence to Tropper's semicha.

  5. "and he will hopefully listen to Dayan Dunner's aitzah and give the tomeidik money to tzedokoh."

    Dayan Dunner and Rav Aba Dunner are not the same person (I think they are brothers, but either way are family)

  6. Kol Yaakov's number:

    29 West Maple Avenue
    Monsey, NY 10952
    (845) 425-3863

    I called to ask the secretary if she has any shame working for Tropper.

    As soon as she heard the word "shame" she hung up like lightning before I could finish.

    She wouldn't pick up when I called back and the recording on the machine warned that any message I leave will be "recorded for security purposes"

    I don't know that Tropper is any position to level ominous sounding warnings to the public.

  7. Rav Dunner says "I would'nt call hime a Rabbi" and I say..I would not call you a Rabbi. A Rav does not speak disparaginly on another and on a whole organization..!All the Loshan Horah and personal "opinions" are prohibitted by laws of Loshon Hora and may be worse than whatever R. Tropper may have done...

  8. The walls start crumbling down as more and more people gather courage to speak against the menuval ande his gang.

    Just to comment on Mendelssohn referrence , the opposition to Mendelssohn's biur was not universal, Many rabbis like the chasson sofer defended it. (he refefred to him as the RMD, R' Moshe Dessauer)

    Mendelssohn was Orthodox all his life. Chardal has an interesting comments about him.

  9. Can anyone independently verify this?

    One viciously anti-frum blog is reporting that Rav Amar is now refusing to speak to anyone from EJF after being shown the Tropper video.

    Rav Amar had a fairly public falling out with R' Eisenstein and R' Tropper almost a year ago, long before the Tropper stuff hit the fan. It was even talked about on this blog. While the evidence against Trropper may have strengthened his convictions, it was not the reason for the break. That revolved mostly around the R' Druckman scandal, and R' Amar's decision to only Possul a conversion if there is genuine evidence that it was never valid, not simply on the basis of who the Dayyanim were.

  10. rumours have it there is a new candidate for head of EJF


    Although he has been out for a while now, Ynet reported 3 days ago that an official determination has been made to revoke his tenure.

    Rav Amar is not completely against his removal. He is only demanding that his tenure be extended until a replacement is found.

  12. Druckman watch -
    I guess when you live by the swrod , you fall by it. When it suited the Israeli Government to giv ehim position, he accepted it. So now that it doesn't suit them anymore (for their own secular reasons), he should not cry too much. And I am not anti Druckman at all, but coming to the sad realisation that the Medinat Yisrael is controlled by many who are not so kodosh, and do not believe in Torat Eretz Yisrael. Indeed, Druckman himself said that soldiers can refuse orders to vacate settlements. That is why they r kicking him out.

  13. Lashon Hara 8:02pm

    Hiding behind the ID of anonymous....

    I bet you're the same type who intentially asks questions meant to embarass the person you are asking and grilling them and questioning them at a Shabbos table.


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