Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fighting 'Arabization' or solving housing crisis?


On Tuesday, the National Planning Council subcommittee responsible for general planning principles recommended that the National Planning Council authorize the construction of Kasif, a new haredi city in the Negev, 10 km. west of Arad. The move was met with criticism from environmental organizations for its effect on open spaces, but also from local leaders.

Arad Mayor Gideon Bar-Lev said his municipality had opposed the initiative from the start, when it first came up for debate two-and-a-half years ago

"We think it is a huge mistake in principle and that the decision goes against the state's main planning objections of dispersing the population," he said.


  1. The real problem with the proposed 'Chareditown' is not it's establishment. It is rather the reality that the new city will become a permanent money pit, one from which the state and surrounding communities will be unable to extricate themselves.

    The tax burden will fall on surrounding communities. Charedim receive ever increasing benefits as political deals are made. They do not and will not contribute to the national or local tax base. They will demand the government fund their own shopping and retail businesses. Demands will be made on local businesses and institutions to acquiesce to the Charedim at their own expense.

    Local police presence will have to expand as Charedim are now getting more comfortable with exercising threats and violence. Is that an exaggeration? Ask Egged.

    I'm not anti Charedi- I'm just saddened by what they have become.

    Now, it's all about power and politics, not about yiras shomayim and chesed.

  2. I agree with Growing Up's comments. In general, I find his/her comments to be a breath of fresh air!


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