Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Why vaccinated people dying from Covid-19 doesn't mean the vaccines are ineffective


CNN: When we see vaccinated people dying from Covid-19, how do you explain that vaccines are still worth taking?
Dr. Leana Wen: We need to start with the science and what the research shows. The Covid-19 vaccines are extraordinarily effective in preventing illness and especially severe disease. The most recent data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that they reduce the likelihood of testing positive for Covid-19 by six-fold and the likelihood of death by 11-fold.
That means that if you are vaccinated, you are six times less likely to get Covid-19 than someone who's unvaccinated. And you are 11 times less likely to die from Covid-19 compared to an unvaccinated person. That's really excellent.
However, the Covid-19 vaccines do not protect you 100%. No vaccine does, just likely virtually no medical treatment is 100% effective. That doesn't mean the vaccine doesn't work, or that you shouldn't take it.

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  1. It's like seat belts. Seat belts don't prevent 100% of deaths from motor vehicle collisions but it's when they don't work 1% of the time that you hear about it while the other 99% of the time that they work is ignored.


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