Saturday, October 30, 2021

Getting rid of Bennet through vetoing buget

The Knesset Finance Committee approved on Wednesday night the 2021 and 2022 Budget Laws for the second and third readings in Knesset.
After 6 hours of marathon debates, which included several hundred objections out of about 30,000 objections submitted by United Torah Judaism, Shas, the Joint List, the Religious Zionist Party and the Likud, a motion was made by committee chairman MK Alex Kushnir to reach a compromise with the opposition parties.
The compromise included about NIS 70 million in additional funds allocated for projects supported by the opposition, including funding for yeshivot, NIS 5m. to renovate hospitals in the periphery and NIS 3m. for development in the Galilee and Negev. There was also an agreement to amend legislation to reduce National Insurance payments for Israeli students studying at institutions abroad.
All of this infighting comes as the coalition nears the deadline to pass a state budget. The legislation needs to pass by the middle of November otherwise, the government falls and Israel heads to another election. In the background is of course Netanyahu and his Likud Party which are actively trying to disrupt the government’s work and peel away defectors to prevent the budget from passing.

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