Monday, October 25, 2021

Former Meretz head Zehava Gal-On to national camp: Get out of here, racist animals

In Gal-On’s opinion, those in the political center should stop trying to pander to the right-wing: “The answer to give those on the right is simple: Listen, you piece of racist animal, you homophobe, you other-hater, you misogynist, you who want to drag us into a Taliban regime – we’re not afraid of you. We have values – equality, love of our fellow man, freedom, harmony. So, get out of here before we deal with you the way we dealt with the original fascists.”


  1. Should they stop pandering to the leftists, who are racists?

  2. Listen you social justice woke asshole, you "I support diversity as long as everyone thinks and acts the same" hypocrites, you enablers of racism as long as it's against people you don't like, you want to destroy Israel's Jewishness and replace is with an Arab state so you can feel good that you helped those "noble savages" and removed the Jewish moral stain from the Middle East map. We have values - Judiasm, a strong and proud Jewish nation. So get out of here before we deal with you like we dealt with the Soviets.


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