Tuesday, October 19, 2021

3 more arrested over cold case murders from ’80s, ’90s tied to Hasidic cult


Police said Tuesday that they arrested three more suspects in connection with the suspected murder of a teenage boy and the unsolved murder of a man in the 1980s and 1990s connected to the extremist ultra-Orthodox Shuvu Bonim sect.

The three newly arrested suspects, who brought the total number of arrests in the case to six, are all in their 60s — two residents of Jerusalem and one of Haifa.

According to Hebrew media reports, one of those arrested was the son of a former senior government minister.


  1. does halacha allow us today to execute people because they may be sinning or even not keeping chumros?

  2. I'm talking about kanoim.
    What if we disagree with each other on matter x? Is it the fastest gun who does the mitzvah?

  3. Yes, but under what circumstances? Does halakha allow self-appointed gangs of thugs to roam the streets and attack people that aren't meeting their self-decided standards?

  4. we need a Sanhedrin for capital punishment, as this was removed by Chazal, I don't remember if it was R' Akiva who did this.
    As for being a kanoi - need to see evidence that it is permitted. there is a concept of moridin v'ain maalin, for heretics etc, which the Chazon Ish said no longer applies today.

  5. You need to elaborate, and provide sources that support such an assertion.

  6. I don't think that any Beis Din was convened in either of the two cases (the teenage boy who "disappeared", and the man who was found murdered).

  7. Here's the hard thought - it takes a Sanhedrin of 23 to convict someone to death and even then only after jumping through more hoops than the biggest circus and even then they find a reason to acquit.
    But if three guys on the street corner don't like the colour of the shirt I'm wearing, they can decide to beat the pulp out of me?
    Sorry, just doesn't make sense.

  8. Rambam gives cases, in mamrim, of people who can just be executive with no need for a Beis din. Apikorsim, deniers of the Torah. Even karaites, who only accept the written Law.
    So, if you are perfectly frum, and follow the shulchan aruch, but you go against some pashkevil, or wear a coloured shirt or denim skirt for women - then it's open season.

  9. Solely on the authority of the Rambam?!

  10. No,
    Rambam said something, but later in a teshuva he reduces the license to kill Karaites, saying we can drink their wine, and be menachem aveilim for them.

    Later authorities have restricted these measures - but what applies today?

  11. Can't generalize from this material to deduce his attitude towards capital punishment

  12. That is true.
    Perhaps Rambam only tried to serve Torah, bringing what he received and/or learned as Halacha. In other places he brings more opinions.


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