Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Rabbi Horowitz found not liable after naming & shaming sex offender Yona Weinberg

Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, an American Orthodox rabbi and child safety advocate, was found not liable in a 200,000 ILS ($62,212.66) libel lawsuit filed against him by Yona Weinberg, a convicted sex offender.

The suit was filed following a 2015 tweet posted by Rabbi Horowitz, in which he urged parents of the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem to protect their children from Weinberg and to treat him “like a terrorist with a machete.” Thus ends a five-year-long legal saga during which the pedophile attempted to thwart the rabbi’s efforts to host an abuse-prevention lecture in Har Nof by filing a restraining order against Rabbi Horowitz in Israeli court.

The verdict delivered in the Jerusalem Magistrate Court by Justice Michal Hirschfeld declared that the main warning made by Rabbi Horowitz against Weinberg is both true and an expression of his opinion in good faith, which is fair grounds for dismissing the central complaint.


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