Saturday, October 23, 2021

UK Chief Rabbi: Assisted dying bill is 'profoundly disquieting'

Jewish, Catholic and Anglican leaders in the UK have issued a joint appeal to parliamentarians to reject a bill that would legalize assisted suicide.

In a letter dated October 19, the three religious leaders convey their “profound disquiet” over the Assisted Dying Bill, a private members’ which had its second reading in the UK parliament’s upper house on Friday.

Put forward in the House of Lords in May, the act would “enable adults who are terminally ill to be provided at their request with specified assistance to end their own life.” 


  1. Here in Canada, medical murder is progressing along nicely.
    A few years ago, giving a lethal injection to a patient was considered abhorrent. Today it is promoted as the highest level of kindness a doctor can show his patient. I have been told that my opposition to medical murder makes me unfit to practice medicine because I am inflicting my values on those of my patients and how dare I!
    You recall the old line from Bob Hope? How he left California after the state made homosexuality legal because he was worried that they would then make it compulsory? It'll eventually be the same thing with medical murder.

  2. Not every doctor wants to extend your life. Medical serial killers are trained healthcare professionals who have taken it upon themselves to kill their patients, often while telling themselves they are delivering an act of “mercy”.


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