Saturday, February 29, 2020

Trump hits Democrats over coronavirus criticism: 'This is their new hoax'

Trump, who opened the rally by declaring the "fake news just doesn't get it," accused the press of being "in hysteria mode" in its coverage of the virus.
The president's criticisms at Friday's rally reflected a broader White House effort to blame Democrats and the news media for some of the fallout of the virus.
Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney earlier Friday claimed the press was seeking to use the virus to harm Trump, while Donald Trump Jr. claimed on Fox News that Democrats are hoping coronavirus "kills millions of people" so it ends the president's "streak of winning."

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  1. Good morning, students.

    Today we are going to go through the steps to making a Democrat hoax.

    Step 1: Pick an enemy
    The first thing you have to do is pick an enemy of the U.S. It can be another country, or it can be something more abstract, like undermining democracy.

    In the Russian hoax, the enemy was Russia. In the Ukraine Hoax, the enemy was abuse of power. In the Virus Hoax, the enemy is raising the risk to people's health.

    Step 2: Create the narrative

    This part has to make sense to the public on a superficial level. It made "sense" for Russia to want Donald Trump as President because they had the goods on him and could manipulate him once he was in office. It made "sense" for Donald Trump to want former Vice President Joe Biden investigated, because it could help Trump win re-election.

    But why would it make sense for Donald Trump to risk people's health? Is he in the pocket of biotech firms whose stocks will benefit from the crisis? No! That's a lousy narrative. A good hoax must be simpler than that!

    The narrative for the Virus Hoax is...wait for that the President is incompetent in general, and in particular can't protect Americans from a health threat!

    That's right! The drumbeat of the Democrats has been to paint the President as a buffoon, and now the Dem's are reaping their harvest!!

    Step 3: Make the case that only the Democrats can save the save the nation
    The final step is to push the implicit assumption that Democrats must be returned to power so that they can do a batter job because only they have the good of the nation at heart and ONLY they have the way to fix things.

    Class over. There will be a quiz on this material next time we meet.


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