Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Would Sanders, Bloomberg or Warren move the US embassy back to Tel Aviv?

"What I happen to believe is that right now, sadly, tragically, in Israel, through Bibi Netanyahu, you have a reactionary racist who is now running that country," Sanders said.



  1. Maybe they would close down the embassy. Maybe they would cut off all foreign aid. Maybe they would stop selling arms. The liberals are on the rise. Heady times ahead.

  2. If the USA were to close its embassy in Israel, and cut off its foreign aid to Israel, here are possible repercussions:

    1. The USA would not be able tell Israel when and how to defend itself,

    2. If Israel decides to obliterate Gaza, there would be nothing holding them back, even if the Americans suffer by association.

    3. If Israel decides to take on Iran, there would be nothing holding them back, even if it doesn't agree with USA policy.

    4. No more telling Israel, where it can or can't build its settlements.

    5. No more demanding concessions from Israel.

    6. No intelligence sharing.

    7. No more innovative weaponry sharing.

    8. Israel would also be free to sell its technological advances to the highest bidder, like Russia or China.

    Is there anything else that I left out?

  3. Israel might develop its own weapon systems, planes etc, and not buy American. That's billions of dollars lost revenues.
    But it's all unlikely, Sanders is like Jeremy Corbyn.

  4. Yes. The possibility of not being able to buy American arms along with the possibility no one else will sell arms to the State of Israel.

  5. When the State of Israel was founded, no one wanted to sell arms to Israel, with the exception of France, who became Israel's main weapons supplier until 1962. It was only in the early 1960s, that the US would begin to sell advanced weapons to Israel.

    I trust that Hashem is running the show, and will always help Israel get the arms that it needs for its security.

  6. Who cares about Israel and/or the Embassy of USA we want Moshiach nothing else matters ! The State is for Schmad !

  7. then you better start by cleansing yourself of the avodah zarah of your so-called "Bible codes" which make Yashke the annointed and divine!

  8. Until Moshiach comes, all Jews need to be safe.
    The State of Israel exists. It's a fact of history. Get over it.
    The question now is what is best for Yidden.
    The Neturei Karta proposed model is impossible in today's world.
    What do you suggest, alternatively?

  9. With or without moshiach, everything else matters, keeping Torah, and living good lives like the Avot lived as our role models. Moshiach will facilitate the Kingdom, Temple and world peace, but we continue as normal.

  10. Well to invite the Romans to be based closer to the Mokom Mikdash ?
    They destroyed it!

  11. Actually, we did that when we were fighting the Greeks. The romans were originally our allies, but then we became occupied by them. The Roman Empire disappeared already in 5th century in Europe, and 11th century in Constantinople. This ties in with the arizal who said the oaths expired after 1k years.

  12. Are you the ksil who claims America is Rome? They are the opposite of Rome, and giving support to build up eretz Israel.
    It's true that"rabbi" tatz claimed US is edom, but he's clearly wrong. Halacha says yemei hamoshiach is identified by end of malchius, . Since USA gives financial aid, supports Jerusalem and now the settlements, it seems that USA is facilitating end of foreign subjugation (shibbud malchius).
    We have Israeli passport with the symbol of the temple menorah , and Jerusalem is controlled by Jews and is largely a frum City. So, we are very near to the end, thanks to your heroes, Herzl, kook, Ben gurion, Sharon, Goren , begin etc.

  13. Alan Dershowitz agrees with you.
    Dershowitz: ‘Sanders is the Jeremy Corbyn of the United States’

  14. Got it. You have no coherent alternative to the current situation in Israel. Take your ball and go home.

  15. Those are not my Heroes they are Your Heroes! I hope you dont end up in the next world in their proximity without special fire gear!

  16. Daniel withstood the fiery furnace without even special fire gear!

  17. But your idols _ random els in the Bible lead you to Yeshua, your god, because of the 26 letter count from Elokim.

  18. The Navi (Yechezkel) calls kourosh (Persian goy king) moshiach. Why? He returned the Jews from exile in his first "Balfour" declaration.


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