Wednesday, February 12, 2020

More Than 50,000 People Sign Petition Demanding Investigation Into DOJ's Roger Stone Reversal As Prosecutors Resign

More than 50,000 people have signed a petition calling for an investigation into the Department of Justice's decision to slash the amount of prison time it is seeking for Roger Stone, the former Trump adviser convicted last year of obstructing Congress's probe into Russian inteference in the 2016 presidential election.
"The Department of Justice appears to be putting Donald Trump's friends above the law," reads the petition which was published on, reaching more than 51,800 signatures by early Wednesday morning.
"The Justice Department's internal watchdog must investigate the corrupt about-face made at the seeming behest of Donald Trump and call out cronyism within its own ranks," it states. "But given how compromised disgraced Attorney General William Barr is, we cannot trust the Justice Department to correct its course. The House Judiciary Committee, which has oversight of Barr, must also investigate independently."
Gaining tens of thousands of signatures overnight, the petition comes after four prosecutors who were working on the Stone case quit on Tuesday after the DOJ moved to reduce the proposed sentence recommendation it had just put forward on Monday.


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  1. Completely predictable - with the impeachment farce (because its ending was a foregone conclusion) complete, Trump moves on to another outrage. All to keep his name on the front page of the paper.
    Here's the question for you though - although it could change, Bernie is now the Democrat frontrunner. He has an economic plan that will destroy American prosperity, which is bad for the Jews. Economic troubles are always bad for the Jews. He has a foreign policy plan that will deliberately harm Israel. (Don't forget his supporters love to burn Israeli flags) Even as the Arabs abandon the so-called Palestinians, he moves to support them against Israel.
    Bernie vs Trump. Who do you support?


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