Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Boy Scouts File for Bankruptcy Following Sex Abuse Lawsuits


Most of the newly surfacing cases date to the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s; the organization says there were only five known abuse victims in 2018. The Boy Scouts credit the change to an array of prevention policies adopted since the mid-1980s, including mandatory criminal background checks and abuse-prevention training for all staff and volunteers, and a rule that two or more adult leaders be present during all activities.


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  1. It's like with people. A person can have a stellar reputation and their character be above reproach, but if they haven't done Tshuva for sins, they will have to eventually pay the price.

    Why didn't the Boy Scouts proactively seek out the victims and offer to pay them compensation? Why did they have to wait to be sued? And if you say the insurance company won't pay until there is a lawsuit, it turns out now the insurance companies are balking anyway at paying.


    "It’s also in court with its insurance companies, which argue that they shouldn’t have to pay claims related to abuse that the Scouts could have reasonably prevented."


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