Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Jewish academic: Under attack, US ultra-Orthodox are misunderstood, ‘terrified’

 Do these communities feel the anti-Semitism coming from the right and the left?
Yes. There is a perfect storm right now of many factors. There seems to be something in our society that is allowing these ideas to intensify.
Trump is a complicated thing because on the one hand a lot of Orthodox Jews really like him for their perception of his support for Israel, but at the same time he gives press passes to virulent anti-Semites. He’s winking at anti-Semitism.
On the left Louis Farrakhan has gained pronounced influence. He was gone for years but recently his profile has grown. And if you don’t know better, if you don’t know anyone Jewish, you just sort of accept what he says.
It’s a scary time. On the one hand, Jews have never had it better. On other hand, they are under daily attack. It’s a paradox, but it’s true.


  1. What is wrong with giving out press passes? People don't like the First Amendment? Maybe it should be repealed.

  2. The Left has one phrase, the "good people" one from 3 years ago. For them, the ongoing oppression of Jews on campuses across America, the near-daily attacks on Jews by Democratic-supporting minorities, all those thousands of incidents are an equal match to that one phrase because.... Trump Derangement Syndrome!


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