Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Netanyahu still 'King Bibi' on Israel's margins

 Mizrahi voters and more recent immigrant groups like Russian speakers have felt their Jewish identity threatened by the left's conception of Israel as "a modern, Western state," he said.
"Likud gives [Mizrahim] the impression that their individual lives are part of the great history of Israel and the Jewish people," the professor added.
Mizrachi voters also personally trust Netanyahu and believe "he can defend the interests of Israel and theirs," he said.
As for the Prime Minister's upcoming trial on accusations of accepting improper gifts and offering a media mogul benefits in exchange for positive coverage, Matslaoui was dismissive.
"Bibi got cigars and champagne and his wife got some jewelry... So what!" the trader said.
"Bibi is our prince."

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  1. The Left remains the same Left that conceived of Israel as being an Ashkenazi secular socialist state with the Sephardim and other "coloureds" being confined to living in the periphery and showing up to sweep the streets and serve the coffee. And with complete lack of insight, they assume that since they think this is the moral way of things, the Sephardim and others should also accept this is the moral way of things and know their place. They remain completely confused when their "inferiors" refuse to understand that.


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