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Delaying Redemption 1 Girl @A Time


Delaying the Final Redemption, One Girl At A Time

19 Shvat, 5780 °°  Feb. 14, '20 (v.2)

By Binyomin Feinberg,


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1.  Tragically, yet another religious immigrant girl has been drafted into the Israeli military - Noa G., from France.  

2.  After the Army rejected her Tatzhir Dat (certification of religiosity), Noa had been in contact with various activists. We know for a fact that Noa had been contacted by knowledgeable volunteers, who would have been able to save her from conscription, via proper guidance. However, she had also been in contact with other women, who mis-advised her to submit to the Army directive of being interviewed in a Rayon Dat, a religiosity test. The Rayon Dat is administered by military officers trained in seeking ways to rob religious girls of their legal right to a military service exemption. Furthermore, Noa also submitted to a "Shimu'ah," a Hearing, which is even more serious, by far, something akin to an indictment. Eventually, and predictably, she submitted to the Army demand to enlist.

3.  The psychological pressure the Draft Offices bring to bear on these girls is often of monumental proportions. Nevertheless, every Jew is commanded to resist attempts to draw them away from G-d, even by sacrificing one's own life, if necessary.

4.  A girl is forbidden to enlist in the Israeli military due to the near impossibility of remaining morally pure there, in addition to other factors, including the intent to draw conscripts away from their religious devotion and observance.

5.  This tragic event was avoidable. In fact, if the organization that facilitated her fall into the Army opts to act decisively and in a timely fashion, perhaps they could still avert the loss of another priceless soul.

6.  It is apparent that the primary problem here was that even though Noa was contacted by those volunteers equipped to extricate her from Army entrapment, she declined to take advantage of the opportunity. Clearly, Noa had been convinced not to talk with those who could truly help her. Here's a prime example of where Lashon HaRah (rather, Motzi Shem Rah) can kill a person, spiritually.

7.  This incident also highlights the crucial need to alert girls and women to contact the right people prior to encountering problems with the Draft Office.  Volunteers with groups like Chomosaich and Shalhevet are equipped to provide proper information, based on Rabbinic guidance.

8. What are some of the important things to know about these volunteer networks?

a)  They are not in this line of activism as a business. 

b) The approach they take does not seek the self-promotional glamour of "success" at the expense of individual girls, or at the expense of the broader cause. 

c) Their strategy does not facilitate the Army Draft Office to dictate how they opt to help save the girls.

d) They do not regularly suggest that girls pursue psychological exemptions. They shunned such an approach even when the government clearly preferred that track over providing religious exemptions. Very recently, the Army ordered that psychological exemptions be severely limited, given only as a last resort. Furthermore, psychological exemptions already provided in the past may very possibly become subject to the specter of revocation, R"L, as per a recent Ma'ariv article.

In short, the volunteers of Chomosaich and Shalhevet seek to do what's ultimately most effective for the girls in distress.

e)  The women volunteering provide proper guidelines, accurate information, and ongoing Chizuk to girls of all types of religious and ethnic backgrounds.

f) Additionally, they also enable those able to intelligently and effectively publicize the plight of these girls to do so, unimpeded, and without undue sacrifice of privacy. If more organizations would similarly facilitate proper publicity of the unrelenting injustices perpetrated by the government against innocent Israeli teens and women - we wouldn't be seeing religious girls languishing in military prisons to save their souls from the Army's "Mizron Tzahali" paradigm.

The Army Fighting Hard Against... G-d and His People?

9.  Our Sages teach us (in Talmud tractate Sotah 11b), that in the merit of righteous women the Jewish People were redeemed from Egypt, over 33 centuries ago. The famous work "Kav HaYashar" adds that the same will hold true with respect to our Final Redemption, the "Geulah Achronah."

10.  It stands to reason that the Soton is fully aware of the timeless potential of righteous Jewish women. Therefore, he seeks all means of impeding their development. Drafting teenage girls - particularly religious and traditional ones - into the abrasive, exploitive, and immoral Israeli military is perhaps one of the most effective means available to advance this satanic agenda.

11. However, as stated previously, we have what to be optimistic about. Girls, their families, and their advocates should take inspiration from the many girls and families standing strong against the antireligious coercion of the IDF Draft Offices.

12.  One such family is the family of Avigail Leah H., who, as a 17 y/o Chabad girl, was increasingly popular harassed by the Army since February '19. In fact, her mother (a Ba'alas Teshuva, and previously an Israeli Air Force captain), was told explicitly by Keren Levy, now heading up the Jerusalem Draft Office, that she (Ms. Levy) will "decide" if Avigail is religious -- and she will profane (or "violate") "The Vineyard" ("acha'lail et ha'Kerem") - "and I'll start with your daughter (Avigail)!"

13.  In the face of this unmitigated anti-Jewish antipathy, Avigail's family remained steadfast in her demand for a religious exemption. The family braved months of Army threats of arrest (despite Avigail being below 18). Despite - or perhaps with the "help" of -government intimidation, Avigail remained persistent in her refusal to enlist in the IDF, or make any Halachic compromises in the process, including submitting to a "Rayon Dat." In their persistence, BE"H Avigail prevailed, and received her religious exemption. (See .)

14.  Their fortitude stands as an example for all Jews to emulate. Over 21 centuries ago, the spiritual progenitors of the modern-day Hellenists similarly sought to draw Jews away from their fidelity to the Torah. And it was in the merit of righteous women, along with the saintly men who fought for them in a paradigmatic, miraculous Civil War, that the Jewish People were saved from the terrible, antireligious edicts of those days.

Global Travel Advisory for Israeli Citizens:  

15. Any draft-age girls who have dual citizenship MUST employ great caution before travelling to Israel. Many citizens of other countries have encountered real problems, including being mal-advised to send their draft age daughters to enter the draft offices to deal with draft related problems. 

16.  Whom gets sent into the draft offices? It's not only those girls who are perceived as "halfway religious," who may be in real danger of falling into the army. (We're not justifying sending even those girls into the Lion's Den of a Rayon Dat, but it's easier to make such an error in those cases.) It is even the most observant girls as well. 

Even girls with dual citizenship from the U.S.and European countries have had problems. Here's one such account we received a few days ago:

"My mother-in-law was born in Israel, and her children have problems with the Army Draft. Each and every time they come to the Lud airport they have to tackle this. This morning (11 Shvat, 5780), she told me she wants to return to London, and she is now in Israel. She has a daughter who is 16. She was born and grew up in London. She tells me she has to get a tatzhir das for her in order to take off to London. ... 

She made many phone calls to family and chareidisha government members, and what came through was that her daughter needs to go to the Tel Hashomer Draft Office to receive a tatzhir das.

But, as I previously heard of Choimoisayich, I knew clearly that a girl is not allowed to go into the Lishkas Hagiyus (draft office). We spoke a lot, and she was frustrated, disputing my advice repeatedly, saying that ‘I have to do it according to the system.’ I answered, “their system doesn’t work!”

I stood firm, assuring her time and again that a girl may not enter the premises of the Draft Office. Finally, she responded, “I’m not going, I’m not going, I’m not going!”
I offered help and said, “I don’t want to mix in, but if you need my help I’m willing to. I have whom to ask.”

She called me back, and informed that she does indeed need my help. I called Choimoisayich, and guided her what to do. They assured that till age 18 a girl does not even have what to be scared of. She should go to the rabbinate and send the tatzhir das via registered post. The rabbinate provided a form she should show in the airport, and everything will be okay.

However, at the airport, the Israelis did hold her up for several minutes, and they did not allow her mother to be present. They ordered the girl to go to the Israeli embassy in England. The bottom line is that the Israelis wanted to scare her into entering the Lishkas Hagiyus. They had the unmitigated temerity to target an unaccompanied 16 year-old girl and do what they did.
For every story that’s gets published, there are many, many more which remains unknown. Be careful whom you trust!"

Caution advised.


  1. That's why your rebbes shouldn't badmouth sherut leumi. If hareidi girls had that option, they would not risk going to army /prison.

  2. " the spiritual progenitors of the modern-day Hellenists
    similarly sought to draw Jews away from their fidelity to the Torah. And
    it was in the merit of righteous women, along with the saintly men who
    fought for them in a paradigmatic, miraculous Civil War, that the Jewish
    People were saved from the terrible, antireligious edicts of those

    The Hashmonaim you refer to were not practicing the same kind of hareidi or even Orthodox Judaism that that you claim to adhere to today. They were Kohanim, and more closely aligned to the Tzedukim, or in fact were the same. Some people atatck them, e.g. for being too militant, and alelge this is nto the "jewish" way. A few will look into the siddur and see that they were in fact Tzaddikim, as per Al haNissim, and Tahorim.

  3. I think you should have entitled this post "Delaying Redemption One Post at a Time". Shame on the author and the host for posting such dribble. You are completely uninformed of the truth and spread lies promulgated by anti-Zionist "asksnim".


    is haaretz a credible source?

  5. "Moshe Idel has described Kav Ha-Yashar as an "ethical-kabbalistic collection of stories, moral guidance, and customs" which "reflects a deliberate effort to popularize Safedian Kabbalah by adopting a much more understandable style in Hebrew.""
    The book was written post chilmnecki massacres, where of course many Jewish women were raped by the amaleik cossacks (whose dress is emulated by chassidisher folk).
    So it is a far stretch to make messianic claims based on a book written in a period of utter despair, and blame the IDF, when in fact it is the IDF preventing ISIS, Hezbollah, Iran etc from carrying out what would make the Khilmnicki massacres look like a perverted tea party.

  6. Are you saying that Haaretz reported on : "the near impossibility of remaining morally pure there, in addition to other factors, including the intent to draw conscripts away from their religious devotion and observance.". I think not. If you can document this, I would be interested in seeing the reference. If you cannot, you have a responsibility to stop allowing Mr. Feinberg to slander the IDF and the thousands of religious girls who serve in it.


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