Monday, April 8, 2024

Details Emerge of Trump’s ‘Secret’ Plan to End Ukraine War

Donald Trump’s mystery plan that he has boasted would end the war in Ukraine in one day is to pressure that country to give up its territory to Russia, people familiar with the plan told the Washington Post. That move would be catastrophic, foreign policy experts warned, because it would effectively reward Russia for violating international law by invading Ukraine and forcefully seizing its land. “Trump’s comments encouraging Russia to do whatever it wants with our European allies are among the most unsettling and dangerous statements made by a major party candidate for president,” Tom Donilon, an Obama-era national security adviser, told the Post. “His position represents a clear and present danger to U.S. and European security.” Trump, a notorious Putin admirer, has gone out of his way not to criticize the Russian leader for the death of political opponent Alexei Navalny or the detention on bogus charges of Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, and has also pushed alarming pro-Russian propaganda like the claim that Ukraine, not Russia, interfered in the 2016 election.


  1. So what's the alternative?
    If NATO full-out arms Ukraine enough so they can push the Russians completely out of the country, Russia will escalate and possibly attack Poland or the Baltics in retaliation. Hello WW3.
    Russia has two occupations right now - Crimea and Donbas. Crimea can be considered legitimately Russian as it was part of Russia until Krushchev transferred it to Ukraine. Donbas has been occupied by Russia for 10 years and is majority Russian in many parts.
    The simplest solution is to end the war with Russia keeping Donbas and Crimea. Then NATO arms Ukraine to the teeth so that Putin doesn't try again.


  2. if president trump said to Israel - it is time to be realistic like Ukraine all you have to do is give up Jerusalem and west bank and I get Nobel Prize

    1. Wasn't it Rav Ovadiah, zt"lh, who wrote that if the Arabs were sincere about peace if they got Yesha back then Israel should give it to them?

    2. Do you have a source for that?

    3. Arabs remember him differently

    4. The Arabs remember every "Gadol" differently. For example, the Satmar is a major hero for them.
      The point is: right now Ukraine and Russia are trapped in a WW1 like stalemate. This could drag on for years. Or Ukraine could give up some territory and allow Putin to declare victory.
      Now obviously this would be terrible. It would encourage Putin to next march into eastern Poland or Lithuania and pull the same shtick. It rewards the aggressor and turns all Ukraine's sacrifices into nothing.
      But I ask again, bitterly, what's the alternative?

    5. And the world says the same about Israel!


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