Thursday, October 6, 2022

What Jewish-free zones mean on campus

Anti-Zionism is flatly anti-Semitic. Using "Zionist" as a euphemism for "Jew" is nothing more than a confidence trick. Like other forms of Judeophobia, it is an ideology of hate, treating Israel as the "collective Jew" and smearing the Jewish state with defamations similar to those used for centuries to vilify individual Jews. This ideology establishes a conspiratorial worldview, sometimes including replacement theory, which has occasionally erupted in violence, including mass shootings. Moreover, Zionism is an integral aspect of the identity of many Jews. Its derogation is analogous, in this way, to other forms of hate and bigotry.


  1. People don't understand that Wokism is just Communism with different catch phrases. Just like the Communists promised an inclusive society as long as your only loyalty was "The State" and its values. So technically a Jew who abandoned all of Judaism and presented as a good Communist was equal to anyone else in the system. In practice, the Jew remained suspected of being a cosmopolitan capitalist with misplaced loyalties and therefore was persectured.
    Wokism is doing the same thing. They claim they will accept Jews who reject Jewish values and Israel which means they're not anti-Semitic. After all, some of Jeremy Corbyn's best friends are Judaism-hating and Israel-hating Jews so how could he be anti-Semitic? That's what Berkeley will claim - we have no problem with Jews and Jews can speak at any club on campus as long as they condemn Israel and Judaism as a sign of loyalty to "Woke Values".
    Heck, I'm surprised you haven't paid more attention to what's happening in Chile over this philosophy.

  2. And Judaism is the same as Islam and Christianity or Buddhism


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