Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Jerusalem Haredi phone store destroyed in fire; owner claims foul play

A cellphone store in Jerusalem was gutted by fire overnight Sunday, with the shop’s owner claiming it was a deliberate attack over for his refusal to stop selling a certain device considered by some to be “non-kosher.”


  1. So you're a psychologist. Please explain how people who consider themselves pious members of a faith that eschews violence and values peace engage in this kind of behaviour.

  2. Just look at the morality police in Iran. Same values apply

  3. Why, because in meah shearim they beat up women without the correct modesty code. Or on buses for not sitting at the back?
    Your answer is not substantially different from ayatollah Khameinei. Who blames the Zionists for the riots.

  4. Not that I'm condoning this particular act of destruction, but I remind you, that while the Jewish faith generally eschews violence, and values peace, the same Jewish faith also values zealotry, and respects zealots.
    Here are some examples:
    1. Abraham smashed the idols in his father's shop.
    2. Rachel stole her father's idols, so that he wouldn't be able to worship them.
    3. Moshe killed an Egyptian rapist.
    3. Pinchas killed Zimri and Kazbi, while they were engaged in illicit relations.

  5. Eliyahu HaNavi killed 400 prophets of the Ba'al.

    (Indeed, there are so many examples.)

  6. Non sequitor

  7. “Jerusalem Haredi phone store destroyed in fire” Big embarrassment. KA, is this your submission to DT? Garnel, did you submit this to DT?: “ Please explain how people who consider themselves pious members of a faith that eschews violence and values peace engage in this kind of behaviour.”

    Torah thought, allow me, on this week’s parsha האזנו:
    “For this is not a trifling thing for you; it is your very life; through it you long endure up the land that you are to possess upon crossing the Jordan.” (Deuteronomy 32:47).
    Hertz Chumash p. 902: no vain thing. Or, ‘no empty thing’; the Torah is no mere book of empty words, without meaning or message.”

    Allow me my letter yesterday to the NYS Court of Appeals:
    “1.I request permission to submit these papers concerning my motion number 2022-693 October 3, 2022...
    4.Exhibit A: Divorce Degree Hebrew file opened 3/2/1992 file disposed 2/17/1993 states: Susan appeared before Rabbi Ralbag seeking a divorce from me.
    5.I request interim relief for the court to terminate the QDRO that orders 55% of my TIAA pension to Susan. My questions to the court: Did the April 1996 ruling err in ignoring that I married Yemima May 9, 1993 and I started receiving my full TIAA pension in 1993 about $750 monthly? Surely yes. Can TIAA legally keep paying Susan 55\% of my TIAA pension with no end in sight? Surely no. Did the April 1996 ruling err in not considering that Susan was entirely responsible for the Israeli divorce? Surely yes. Did the April 1996 ruling err in not considering that the Israel divorce blocked Rigler/Rothbart from issuing the bogus March 5, 1995 Separation Order? Surely yes. Did Judge Prus err in issuing his 2013 divorce degree me and Susan? Surely yes.”

  8. First it was the Edison cinema. (in Iran they burned down a cinema with 400 people inside)

    Then the phone stores.
    They throw rocks at hareidim in military uniform.
    Even at gedolim they disagree with.

  9. Later on you put up a post which notes that UO leaders in Beit Shemesh won't confront extremists and how there's a modesty squad in Williamsburg.
    Imagine a country run by "the Gedolim". The extremists would have free reign and Israel would devolve into a Jewish Iran quite quickly, all in the name of Torah!

  10. nope - my submissions are in the comments below under my screen name.

  11. I never said or implied that one did.
    I was just commenting on examples of zealotry in TANACH.


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