Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Trump lies again!


 All of these Trump claims are false. George H.W. Bush did not take millions of documents to a former bowling alley and Chinese restaurant. Rather, the National Archives and Records Administration took Bush’s presidential documents to this facility prior to the opening of the Bush presidential library in the same city. Trump’s claims about Clinton and George W. Bush are inaccurate in precisely the same way: NARA, not the former presidents themselves, put the documents in temporary storage at NARA-managed facilities at the former car dealership in Arkansas and the warehouse in Texas. And Trump was also wrong that there was “no security” at the facility where the elder Bush’s documents were housed: the facility was heavily secured, according to a news report at the time.


  1. "Uniformed guards patrol the premises. There are closed-circuit
    television monitors and sophisticated electronic detectors along walls
    and doors."

    The same level of security that a bowling alley or chinese takeaway might have.

  2. And therefore you think the Archives is lying not Trump

  3. No,

    Just mitigating his exaggeration.

  4. How is this mitigating
    Trump made a blatantly false claim
    How does your comment deal with this - that he really wasn't lying because a bowling alley has security?!

  5. The bowling alley part is correct. The shaliach was possibly acting for Bush. These are mitigating arguments. Mitigating is not a proof for a poor act or statement, it is lessening the blow.
    Similarly, the security is not the high security that would be expected, eg armed guards, several layers of internal security, was just franchised out to the local Pizza security firm.


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