Thursday, October 27, 2022

Lapid’s near-impossible task: Why victory may not be in the cards

Prime Minister Yair Lapid is in a sense the tragic figure of this election. His task is an almost impossible one. At first glance, polls seem to consistently show the same basic deadlock of the past four elections with Benjamin Netanyahu no closer to victory. But scratch the surface and that apparent parity turns out to be a massive advantage for the right.

On the all-important question of turnout, as well as in the post-election coalition calculus, Lapid is at a desperate disadvantage.

It’s not that turnout is expected to be very high among supporters of Likud, even if Netanyahu has reason to hope that 18 months in the opposition has lit a fire under his base. Lapid’s problem lies mainly on his own side.

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  1. Lapid and Bennett always wanted to be PM. They got to be PM. Sure, for Lapid it was a summer job but he'll always be able to tell his grandkids "You know, back when I was PM..."


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