Saturday, October 29, 2022

A Political Party Unhinged From Truth

It took months of reporting before I fully appreciated the pervasiveness of the Big Lie. As I came to learn, the hallucinatory claim that a grand if largely unnamed conspiracy managed to snatch victory away from Trump and hand it to Joe Biden is not a trivial, stand-alone falsehood. Instead, it has become as central to the MAGA belief system as the crucifixion of Jesus is to Christianity. It affirms the martyrdom of their revered leader as well as the incorrigibility of his persecutors. Furthermore, it encourages the belief that the former president’s imagined adversaries across the globe have colluded with domestic malefactors to undermine all manner of American liberties. In these fevered scenarios, Venezuela and South Korea have corrupted our electoral ballots, China has implanted COVID vaccines with mind-control devices, and liberal Jewish billionaires like George Soros have underwritten acts of domestic terrorism. I attended a two-day ReAwaken America convention of right-wing influencers earlier this year at a Phoenix megachurch in which each of these claims was uttered from the stage, to more than 3,000 attendees. And I’m sorry to report that those conspiracy theories were not even the craziest I heard at the convention.


  1. Israel is a colonialist apartheid stress.
    All Whites are racist.
    America is a totally evil country with no redeeming features.
    A man can say he's a woman and presto! He's a woman.
    Oh, those are totally reflections of reality, yes?

  2. Wow too much time listening to Fox

  3. Actually I never watch Fox. Too busy with Star Trek and Star Wars.

  4. “A Political Party Unhinged From Truth” No. Allow me my letter Friday to NYS Court of Appeals;
    “3.I'm appealing AD2 April 1996 ruling based on divorce fraud on the disproportionate share of the assets going to one spouse using perjury and false documents. My motion is timely because it is well known that to gather evidence acceptable to a court to prove fraud takes years and years.
    4.Exhibit A: TIAA letter 2/15/2012 on false support arrears for wealthy children: You adamantly refuse to deal with the fact that the Order requires you to satisfy support arrears.
    5.In husband v wife cases in the Talmud, a wife swears in a rabbinic court in Israel that her husband is in Africa, Australia wherever and she is alone to raise 6 small children. Wife wins child support. Where the wife is working and making a salary she does not win maintenance After many years I bring proof that because the children are wealthy, having $2,000,000 in 1990 in the bank under their names and social security numbers, wife not entitled to support. The AD2 April 1996 ruling supports Susan totally in her efforts to get child support. Yet I prove that what was known at the time Susan was not entitled to child support.”


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