Monday, October 31, 2022

Divine Providence

 Netziv (Shemos 34:10) We need to explicate the manner of Divine Providence. There are two types which four. 1) there are two by means of an angel. It can be given in a general manner that an angel is to guard the person. However the Jewish people are generally not on such a low level. 2) It is given to a specific angel to guard him.  With these two types it is possible to directly request from the angel for protection since the angel was given him by the Will of G-d. For example Lot directly made a request of the angel.  There are also two types by G-d directly. For example livelihood is provided by G-d Himself, Nonetheless it is actually being carried out by an angel. Consequently since this is being directed by G-d it is prohibited to ask the angel. Nevertheless these two – livelihood and protection are not interdependent. In the days of Yehoshua they became separated so that livelihood is from G-d while protection is from an angel. Thus we have two that are four.  There is a clear difference between whether it is an angel or directly by G-d. An angel is not able to change nature if he were not sent to do a miracle. In contrast when directly from G-d, it can be done in a natural way as we see for livelihood in Israel or it can be done in a miraculous manner. 


  1. This means that it is sometimes ok to pray to angels?

  2. Nope.

    See Rambam hilchot az, as to how this error led to idolatry


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