Monday, May 23, 2022

The antisemitic roots of the Great Replacement theory

There are many iterations of the 'Great Replacement Theory', but the most common threads that have been percolating on extremist forums detail a plot to replace 'indigenous white populations' with nonwhite immigrants.

The essence of the theory is that white citizens in Western countries are being replaced by ethnic minority people to the detriment of the societies and in some cases, entrench support for one political party over another.

In many readings of the theory, Jewish 'elites' are attempting to hasten this process and are directing governments to pursue policies that undermine the control of white people over countries.


  1. And yet in all lies there is a kernel of truth.
    For example, until the late 1960's, Canada's immigration policy favoured Europeans, especially Western Europeans. The result was a mix of immigrants that voted for either of the two main parties.
    Until Pierre Trudeau came along. He re-aligned immigration preferences to countries in Africa, South America and especially Asia, countries which were run by socialist governments. The result was an influx of immigrants who would almost all vote for his Liberal party. In other words, he adjusted immigration to improve his voting numbers.

  2. Canadistan - isn't it a muslim majority nation yet?

  3. No, not even close. The Chinese and Hindus far outnumber the Muslims.

  4. Well that's something folks often forget about Ukraine. Now, Ukrainians need no help in hating Jews but remember that Jews were the biggest communists early on and that communism brought a lot of misery to Ukraine. So they made that connect too.

  5. Kalonymus HaQatanMay 26, 2022 at 1:04 AM

    right. But chielmnecki yemach shmo, was before all these movements. Was even before shabbetai zvi, or just before. Oh. He was Ukrainian too.


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