Monday, May 9, 2022

Bar Kokhba Revolt

Ben Kozba further proclaimed himself as the Messiah, and had the backing of theBen Kozba proclaimed himself the messiah greatest sage of his time, Rabbi Akiva, along with many other sages.
However, other sages felt strongly that Bar Kokhba was not the Messiah, and two incidents vindicated them. First, before one of his battles, Bar Kokhba blasphemously proclaimed: "G‑d, if you choose not to help us, at least do not come to the aid of our enemies," thereby implying that the Jews could be victorious without Divine assistance. On another occasion, Bar Kokhba suspected that his saintly uncle, Rabbi Elazar HaModai, knew military secrets. Enraged, Bar Kokhba confronted the elderly Rabbi Elazar, kicking him and causing his death. Their hopes dashed, the Jews then called Bar Kokhba "Bar Koziba," meaning son of a lie. All told, Bar Kokhba ruled in Jerusalem for two and a half years, with minted coins commemorating his rule.

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