Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Leading rabbi: Don't visit Meron on Lag Ba'omer


Rabbi David Yosef, a member of the Council of Torah Sages, has urged Israelis to avoid traveling to Meron during the upcoming Lag Ba'omer holiday, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

During a weekly Torah class in Jerusalem, Rabbi Yosef said, "I really request the entire public not travel to Meron this year. I repeat and reiterate: I ask that each and every person in Israel, please, this year, do not travel to Meron."

"You know very well that my father and teacher, of blessed memory, never believed in this idea of traveling to Meron in our generation. The trip to Meron has a very holy foundation, there is no doubt....but it's a whole generation already that we know that tens of thousands travel there.

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  1. You know very well the place will be just as crowded as last year. UO is one of those groups that makes a mistake, blames someone else for the negative outcomes and then goes and makes that same mistake again!


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