Wednesday, May 11, 2022

'Like with al-Dura, IDF will be proved innocent'

Dr. Yehuda David said, who uncovered the blood libel surrounding the alleged killing of Muhammad al-Dura by IDF troops, believes Israel must wage an explanatory and practical struggle to prove that its soldiers are not responsible for the death of Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Aqleh, who was killed in a shootout between IDF forces and Arab terrorists in the Jenin area Wednesday morning.

"Obviously there is every chance of winning this battle," Dr. David tells Israel National News. "We need to go back to 2001 to the al-Dura affair. There was a video feature then that IDF soldiers allegedly killed a child who was hiding behind debris while his father protected him. As for the instructions to open fire, I have been in these battles many times as a military doctor. There is no such thing. An IDF soldier must obtain permission to open fire on such a target."

According to Dr. David, there has never been a direct shooting of a journalist by IDF soldiers, and it is unlikely that this changed today. "It is clear that the Palestinians are thirsty for Israeli blood and want to direct this plot again. This is a battle that should be conducted wisely and requires a joint investigation between the PA and Israel, to see what kind of bullet hit this poor journalist and then perform ballistic surgery."

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  1. The Arabs grabbed the body and buried it quickly before it could be examined.
    They won't release the bullet for examination
    There's a video showing Arabs shouting how they shot someone but the Israelis didn't have any casualties.
    But it won't matter. Right now new Arabic textbooks are likely already being printed in which the story of Israel's murder of this journalist is a historic "fact"


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