Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Scientist: 'Abu Aqleh was shot by a Palestinian terrorist, says evidence'

From the stills and video shots of the incident, Shachaf notes, "it's clear that the journalists were standing behind a wall. The wall hid them from the IDF forces who were on the other side, further away. No shots could have penetrated that wall, and the same was the case with the shooting of al-Dura, as we showed from the investigation we conducted there at the time." According to Shachaf, the Al Jazeera journalists were standing in a spot that was protected from behind, from their right, and from in front of them, and was only open to their left, facing the Palestinian terrorists who were firing wildly, in the vague direction of the IDF forces.

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  1. Soooo let's review
    The Arabs grabbed and concealed the body
    They grabbed and concealed the bullet
    And CNN says this is all the proof they need to blame Israel!


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