Monday, December 21, 2020

Inside Trump’s pressure campaign to overturn the election

 Trump’s efforts to cling to power are unprecedented in American history. While political parties have fought over the results of presidential elections before, no incumbent president has ever made such expansive and individualized pleas to the officials who oversee certification of the election results. Trump even used his presidential perch to compel officials to talk with him, summoning state officials to the White House on a few-hours notice and insisting that his outreach was simply part of his presidential duties.

 “There was always this feeling of supreme confidence that no matter how it looks it’s all going to work out for him, something will happen and it will all work out for him because it did once before,” said Scott Jennings, who worked in the George W. Bush White House and is close to Trump’s team. “I think that sort of magical confidence or magical thinking, persisted right through Election Day and right through this post-election.”

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  1. Donald Trump didn't become President because he bought the office. A lot people voted for him. And even more voted for him when he lost the Presidency. Is there even one grassroots group of his supporters telling him to cool it? Not that I'm aware of.

    One of the reasons President George H. W. Bush's son became President also was that many people felt they had failed the father. That is, George H. W. Bush became President because he was coadting President Reagan's popularity. He lost his second Presidential election because the Republicans were not thrilled with him.

    This ushered in eight years of the Clinton Administration.

    To maske up for that, the Republicans rallied around George W. Bush.

    What Trump is doing is firing up his base. Many of them feel the election was stolen. They will be fired up in four years to make sure either Trump is re-elected, or whoever he anoints as his political heir such as Mike Pence or Ivanka Trump.

    This is politics. It's important to not only weigh Trump's moves on a scale that measures the legality of his moves and their concordance with precedence, but also to analyze his actions on a political level.


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