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10th of Teves Alert: Making LGBT Exploitation Legal [Again] in NJ

Asara B'Teves, '81 / Dec. 25, '20
By Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter, Executive Director, Help Rescue Our Children
The Chassam Sofer (Toras Moshe, Drashos for 7th of Adar) explains that today, the Tenth of Teves, is the  day on which a Heavenly Tribunal is convened every year, to determine if the Bais HaMikdash will be rebuilt that very year, or, alternatively, whether we will R"L suffer the opposite: it's virtual re-destruction. Chazal (Our Sages) teach us that any generation in which it's not rebuilt is as if it's [re-]destroyed. (Perhaps it's also decided today under what conditions it will be rebuilt, including how much prerequisite difficulty we'll need to endure.)
Therefore, it behooves us to think about what some of the pivotal issues are, to combat the types of rishus ("wickedness") that are  perpetuating our bitter Exile. Undeniably, there are multiple problems to address.  Here we focus on just one of many.
Chazal  exhort us (Mishna Sotah 48a), that "z'nus" and "keshafim" (sexual immorality and sorcery) "eradicated everything." Sexual immorality bebases society and brings down Divine Wrath in the form of collective retribution, in which good people also die, as the Medrashim discuss in relation to the Great Flood (see Rashi Ber. 6:13; Beraishis Rabbah, beginning of Noach).*
*[Every iota of suffering is meted out with a deep calculation, and is truly just. However, in certain situations, G-d judges us with far less mercy than the usual generous measures thereof.] 
Furthermore, the Maharal on Chullin 92b observes that the most severe of the forbidden sexual relationships, which are enumerated in VaYikra (Lev.), chapter 18, is the act of sodomy. Indeed, sodomy is branded an abomination even amongst all of the abominations listed there.
This all holds true when sodomy is committed as an individual aberration. However, when society legitimizes a sin - even a small sin - that's worse than even a grave transgression committed as an aberration (Akeidas Yitzchak, Parshas VaYaira, 20).  How much worse is the societal legitimization of the worst of all sexual sins, sodomy.
Nowadays, throughout much of what's superficially known as the civilized world, we have exactly that - a toxic blend: societal sanction - even celebration - of the ultimate abomination - Sodomy. This collective mania even goes to the extreme of celebrating same-gender "marriage" - recognition of which triggered the annihilation of the world by the Great Flood, as our Sages teach us in VaYikra Rabbah 23, on VaYikra 18:3. This contemporary societal sanction is backed by all sorts of LGBT legislation, mandating government enforcement, with all the tyranny that that entails.
Although child molestation is a separate (albeit related) topic, beyond our ability to properly address within the limitations of this article, it must be noted that the apparent escalation of child molestation clearly cannot be disconnected from the moral free-fall of society. When society eradicates almost all taboos, there's almost nothing left for those who gravitate specifically towards that which is taboo.
Furthermore, unfortunately, we have in our midst so-called leaders who arrogantly enable confirmed, recidivist child molesters to roam the streets with impunity. (One prominent example is one "Moishe" Turner of Monsey NY, first arrested by Ramapo Police on Hoshana Rabbah over seven years ago.)  No, those enablers don't explicitly vindicate child molestation. However, by their enabling actions they do in fact help establish child molestation as a perverted kind of communal "norm" (because now recidivist molesters know that, even if they get caught, they need only seek legal refuge on Highview, in the new "Ir Miklat"...).  Sending that type of lethal message is tantamount to societal sanction for child molestation; actions often speak louder than words. See Yechezkel (Eze.), chapter 34, for a  prediction of the types of self -serving leaders we will suffer from prior to the Final Redemption, which we strive to expedite on this Fast Day.
To the extent that Torah observant  individuals lead the charge against these anti-Torah outrages, we can hope to reap immense reward, based on the principle "Midah Tovah Merubah." Divine Compassion manifests even more powerfully than Divine Judgement. ("If we can destroy, how much more so can we build.") If z'nus can help destroy all that we had - how much more so would  combating the worst forms of sexual immorality help merit the restoration of what we lost.
In that positive sense, we present some valuable opportunities to help do our humble part in fighting contemporary evils - the likes of which perhaps have never been seen before, quite like this. Let's turn our attention to a very practical matter facing New Jersey residents right now.  We also need bear in mind the assurance cited by the sage Rav Yeshaya HaKohain OB"M (published at the end of one old print of the venerable work "Tonoh Devei Eliyahu"). He writes (on the very last page there) that if an individual does all he is expected to do to ensure that he personally is not impeding the Final Redemption - i.e. he ensures that his "personal portion in the Bais HaMikdash" (Shel Ma'alah) is indeed "rebuilt" - then - even if the Jewish People aren't yet on the level to merit our national Redemption - that individual will merit his own personal, individual redemption. Practically speaking, he'll be granted the ability to serve HaShem (G-d) without the standard encumberments of the pre-Redemption epoch.
»» LGBT Legislation Stalled in NJ Until January:
Thank G-d, in the wake of vibrant profamily vigilance, including the work of some prominent Orthodox Jewish activists, NJ residents have been granted more time to stop two particular dangerous LGBTQ bills from becoming law, S2781 /A4454 (Education), and S2545 (Healthcare facilities). At this point, concerned citizens have at least two weeks to publicize the dangers of these bills, to ensure they are stopped before the Legislature returns from vacation.
NJ Legislative Info For Senate & Assembly:
v: 609-847-3905 or (800) 792-8630 
What's important now is (1) to alert the public about what these bills actually would do, if enacted, G-d forbid, and (2) to escalate pressure on all of the legislators to oppose these bills, and anything remotely similar.  We must leverage the fact that the entire Legislature is up for election in less than a year. Specifically, Passaic Assemblyman Gary Schaer (D) needs to to told in no uncertain terms that he'd better kill both of these bills, especially after voting for one of them (see further), and previously supported similarly outrageous LGBT legislation two years ago.  He's in a powerful position, which is an advantage to be used precisely for these types of monumental spiritual threats threatening our most precious resource.
A.)  A4454: Making Hellenism "Educational" Again
We've already posted repeatedly about the "Education" bill* (e.g., 
{* A4454 2R: (Kindergarten version passed by the NJ Senate);}
Some Dangers Of A4454:
This bill advances the inroads the LGBT lobby had previously made into NJ public education two years ago. For example, one dangerous proposed modification to existing Education law in this "Education" bill would be to require public schools, K-12, to  indoctrinate children against "unconscious bias against" LGBT. This threatens to radically transform the entire worldview of every normal child in regards to sex, family, marriage and morality. This is truly a form of state-mandated psychological child-molestation.
Another change this bill would make is as follows: even school districts that until now had been able to avoid incorporating LGBT - where deemed "not appropriate" -would no longer enjoy the same latitude, under this new legislation. This bill omits "where appropriate" as a criteria for teaching LGBT.
Realize that generally legal challenges to schools will wind up before left-leaning judges. The U.S. Supreme Court is no solace. Even seemingly conservative Trump Supreme Court nominees have demonstrated serious weaknesses, in varying degrees, specifically on LGBT issues (e.g. as in the devastating "Bostock" decision this past Summer).
We need to identify the source of the problem here. (Before doing so, we refer the reader to Sefer Chofetz Chayim, I:8:5-8, for starters, and the Gemara in Avoda Zorah 17a, regarding Minnus (heresy) as indicated by pronounced laxity towards prohibited sexual relationships.) In part, our problems are within.
For just one example, on Oct. 29th, Passaic Assemblyman Gary Schaer voted for the earlier version of this LGBT propaganda bill, A4454, on the Assembly floor. This is after he was publicly criticized about two years ago for supporting a similarly outrageous LGBT propaganda bill.  Why would someone who is ostensibly Orthodox, and who ostensibly represents a heavily Orthodox district, vote to indoctrinate youth (high schoolers, in that early version) into LGBT dogma?  Furthermore, the fact that he could get away with that absurdity demonstrates how utterly unreliable the purportedly Orthodox Jewish Establishment is, including Aguda. If it wouldn't be for their dereliction, the Orthodox community would be alerted to act decisively to stop this lunacy once and for all. And they would do so.
Moreover, N.Y. State Jewry is in the midst of an unprecedented existential struggle against Schaer's fellow travelers in the N.Y. State leftist Establishment, who seek to force us to teach LGBT propaganda to our own children*. Nevertheless, Schaer voted to advance said LGBT propaganda in NJ. He did so knowing that every gain for the LGBT movement not only victimizes public school children and families immediately, but also invariably enables the LGBT movement to lurch ever closer to its goal of controlling religious schools. 

* (See 

Additionally, not only is Aguda silent, but they import their own domestically-grown LGBT advocate, Yechiel Mark Kalish, to moderate an Aguda Convention forum on political matters. Kalish, operating as a legislative appointee to the Illinois legislature  (who filled the seat of a fellow leftist), voted for the LGBT indoctrination bill HB 246, among other gems (including a drug legalization bill). HB 246 requires Illinois public schools teach LGBT propaganda to children. It also afflicts religious schools, limiting government funding for textbooks to those books that their pro-LGBT overseers deem "non-discriminatory." 

By showcasing Kalish, who exposed the tens of thousands of Aguda Convention listeners to a bizarre dose of LGBT propaganda, Aguda signaled the LGBT Mafia that the ostensibly Orthodox Jewish Establishment remains open for business (undoubtedly for the right price, of course). Simultaneously, Aguda is purportedly standing up against the threat to Jewish Education in N.Y. State. That threat is primarily from the pro-LGBT leftist Establishment. So they can't be truly fighting those to whom they so flagrantly cave.  If we are to win the war against those intent on indoctrination of our children into LGBT dogma, it won't be by relying on Aguda or associated groups. And when it comes to a war for our very survival, we have no room for errors as grave as dependence on the unreliable.

Passaic Assemblyman Gary Schaer - and his enablers in Passaic and Aguda - bear heavy responsibility for the monster they've created, by impeding Gedolei Yisroel and Bnei Torah from properly identifying, publicizing, and countering the threats posed by the LGBT movement, and the role that pro-LGBT turncoat Jews like Gary Schaer and Yechiel Mark Kalish play in advancing the goals of the radical homosexualist Jew-Haters. 

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