Friday, December 25, 2020

Rambam - Women and evil

Moreh Nevuchim (2:30):  It is important to know the following Medrash our Sages say that the Serpent had a rider Samael (Satan), who was as big as a camel and he was the one who seduced Eve. We find in a number of places that Satan wanted to cause Abraham to sin. And prevent him from sacrificing his son. As well as persuading Yitzchok to disobey his father. We see from these remarks about the Akeida that Samael is Satan. .Our Sages also say that when the Serpent came to seduce Eve that Samael was riding on it and G-d laughed at the camel and its rider. It is important to note that the Serpent did not approach or speak with Adam but all his efforts were directed at Eve. It was only through Eve that the Serpent was able to harm Adam and cause death. Therefore the greatest hatred exists between the Serpent and Eve as well as his descendants and hers which are also Adam’s.  When the Serpent had intercourse with Eve he injected her with filth which was removed when the Jews received the Torah at Sinai. However the idolater who were not at Sinai did not have it removed

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