Thursday, December 17, 2020

Gezairos Misyavnim in NJ, c/o Aguda

BS"D  Gezairas HaChinuch & LGBT Tyranny Tommorow, Thursday:

2 Teves, 5781 / Dec. 16, '20

Esteemed Rabbonim, Leaders and others,

A few urgent points are in order now for NJ: 

1.  Firstly, NJ State Senator Singer urgently needs calls to pressure him to do all in his power to push the Republicans to try to table the "Educational Molestation" bill A4454/ S2781- parading as a "Diversity & Inclusion" bill (LGBT indoctrination mandated for public schools). It's scheduled for a full Senate vote for TOMORROW, Thursday, R"L. We need you to join those Bnei Torah calling his office to get this bill tabled immediately. 

Due to a terrible change made in the current Senate version of this bill - expanding LGBT indoctrination through elementary school, starting with little Kindergarten children - there may be another vote in the Assembly too. Therefore, all THREE of your legislative reps must be alerted to your unwavering opposition to this outrageous government overreach, and misrepresentation of indoctrination as "Education." Realize that government has no legal or constitutional mandate for indoctrination, sexual exploitation of minors, or emotional/ psychological child molestation.

2.  Secondly, there's another LGBT scheduled tomorrow for a full NJ Senate vote too, S2545. In the name of "Equality" (of non-equals), it would  force transgender people into healthcare facility rooms with roommates of the opposite of their actual gender. This lunacy would invariably afflict the health of many vulnerable, seriously ill residents, who see it as a jarring invasion of privacy, and a frustrating betrayal of trust on the part of the facility.

NJ Legislative Info For Senate & Assembly:

v: 609-847-3905 or (800) 792-8630

or email: 

3.  Thirdly, it's important that weak Republicans realize that we don't need pro-LGBT Dems OR Republicans - who either vote for  LGBT indoctrination and lunacy, or who passively enable it - by allowing it to come to a vote, when we know they could table the bill if they really cared. 

Contact Information:
Sen. Singer:



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