Thursday, December 17, 2020

Educational Indoctrination Bill A4454/ S2781 scheduled for TODAY


Mi LaShem Alei: Gezairos Al-HaDas Poised to Strike NJ Today:

2 Teves, 5781/ Dec. 17, '20

by Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter, Executive Director, Help Rescue Our Children

A.)  Help is urgently needed TODAY to stop NJ's pro-LGBT Educational indoctrination bill A4454/ S2781 (For more information and perspective:  This bill is scheduled for a full Senate vote today, the Seventh Day of Chanukah, starting about noon, along with many other bills, some quite egregious.

Calibrated Timing:

Out of their traditional deference to the principles of Representational Government, NJ's Democratic leadership has once again opted to schedule radical, subversive legislation on impossibly short notice. Thereby, they signal their recognition of the fundamental opposition of an informed citizenry to their social engineering. Their implicit recognition thereof should encourage all proponents of decency that - even at this late stage of societal decomposition - we possess tremendous power at our fingertips - the power of publicizing the Truth - with which all the political power in the world can ultimately never successfully compete.

The Assembly version of this exploitive legislation is A4454 (attached).  Unfortunately, Passaic Assemblyman Gary Schaer recently voted for it, on Oct. 29. That early version targeted high schools, only. The newer, Senate version, S2781 (, scheduled for a full Senate vote today,* extends the indoctrination requirement to begin as early as Kindergarten, R"L. Yes, Kindergarteners.

(*For that reason, if R"L it passes the Senate, we expect another vote in the Assembly, possibly later in the afternoon today, on the newer version.)


Gary Schaer could work to kill the bill - today. He must be inundated with demands that he do so. We cannot take no for an answer. His public Chillul HaShem seems to have no bounds, even when it comes to the educational debauchery - even psychological molestation - of innocent Kindergarteners.

Please contact Assemblyman Gary Schaer here ASAP this morning, or as soon as possible thereafter: 


Remember, the Assembly probably won't get to vote on this until later in the day, or evening, in case someone is unable to call earlier.

The other two legislative reps of Passaic are:

Sen. Paul Sarlo: 201.804.8118

Assemblyman Clinton Calabrese: (201) 943-0615

If the other local reps do vote for it, R"L, that would be an indicator that Schaer didn't do his job in getting them to back off.

NJ Legislative Contact Info For Senate & Assembly:

v: 609-847-3905 or (800) 792-8630

or email: 

The legislators need to realize that we cannot vote for them if they opt to betray their constitutional obligation to protect our most precious resource, children. Also realize that this type of legislation can be unapologetically opposed on grounds well beyond religious ones. For example, antireligious indoctrination isn't just an infringement against religious liberty, it's an extension far beyond the educational mandate of government.  The pervasive misrepresentation of indoctrination as "Education" doesn't alleviate that objection, it only validates and intensifies it.

Additional egregious pro-LGBT legislation scheduled for today includes [but is probably not limited to] these:

B.)  S2545: The homosexualisation and transgenderisation of the Long-Term Healthcare Industry.

This bill is simply too horrific for any brief description to do justice to it, so please read it for yourself, p. 3-6.  This LGBT "Equality" legislation will definitely lead to the forcible sexual assault of residents by deviants. If anyone willingly allows this bill to pass, he's facilitating rape.

Another thing is clear: if this passes, R"L, religious people will be not only unable to own and operate long term healthcare facilities in NJ - we won't be able to even USE them for our loved ones in their time of need. Caring for them independently may often be so much more difficult than we've been accustomed to. A small consolation here is that the Assembly hasn't voted on this yet Hellenistic bill. Therefore, if it R"L passes the Senate today, the Assembly will presumably take it up only after January 1, '21.

Another intriguing observation here is that Yechiel Kalish (who recently lost his bid to hold onto his seat in the Illinois Legislature) had voted for pro-LGBT legislation, specifically HB246, similarly applying to schools. He also has had a close working relationship with the Orthodox Nursing Home industry. For some reason, he was tapped to moderate a forum at the recent Aguda Convention. He posed two questions regarding LGBT, clearly seeking some measure of dispensation for leniency in dealing with the LGBT threat to religious Jewry (which he realizes is formidable). B"H, he failed to obtain any "heterim."  However, his first question pertained to supporting LGBT propaganda for kids in schools, and the second question pertained to the challenges faced by the gaying of the Nursing Home Industry. It's fascinating how timely those questions are relative to the legislation coming up today in NJ.  Was there a hidden agenda afoot?

C.) S3078: State-mandated LGBT in the Workplace

May we merit to see yeshuos in the merit of emulating, in some modest measure, the Mesiras Nefesh of the Chashmonayim in these very days of Chanukah, well over two millennia ago.

Help Rescue Our Children:

US: 845.642.1679

Israeli Hotline: 03.721.3337

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