Friday, December 18, 2020

Trump will leave office with a historically bad economic record

 "Trump's economic record ranks near or at the bottom compared with other presidents," concludes Moody's chief economist Mark Zandi, who compared the economic results of all presidents from the last 70 years. "The economy under his watch has performed very poorly."

To be sure, the deadliest public health pandemic in a century has devastated economic activity during this last year of the President's term. But responding to unexpected catastrophe -- from hurricanes to terrorist attacks to civil unrest to financial crises -- represents a big part of the job. And, as Zandi notes, Trump's bungled coronavirus response has exacerbated and extended damage to jobs and output.

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  1. Donald Trump lost the Presidency but won the election.

    No, I don't mean that were it not for fraud and irregularities in the counting of votes he would have won the popular vote and electoral college. I mean that because the Left needs a bogeyman, Trump is guaranteed to remain front and center in the national news cycle for years to come.

    This can only be good for Mr. Trump's legacy. The constant barrage against Mr. Trump will keep his political base energized. He will now move into the broadcasting realm. He will keep tweeting of course, but with residences in Washington, New York and Florida, and networks like Newsmax poised to also focus on Trump yet be a couterpoint to the liberal narrative, Trump is in a powerful position to urge the 70 million or so voters who voted for him in the Presidential election to support ex-members of his Administration who remained loyal to him to the end.

    Donald Trump is not riding quiety into the sunset. He is barreling forward at sunrise. Mike Pence, Ivanka Trump, Stephen Miller: all will now benefit from an amazing outcome: Trump is not perceived by his base as a loser, and those detractors who are hopelessly obsessed with him will make sure those who carry his policies forward will have earned media coverage.


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