Monday, June 18, 2018

scribd removes acess to Meir Pogrow 2012 MasterTorah Tax Form

This is a notification that Scribd’s BookID copyright protection system has disabled access to Meir Pogrow 2012 MasterTorah Tax Form 263834174_201212_990 (id: 316314040). This does not necessarily mean that an infringement has occurred, or that you have done anything wrong.BookID is part of Scribd's diverse efforts to reinforce the copyrights of authors and publishers. Like all automatedsystems, it will occasionally identify legitimate content as a possible infringement. Unfortunately, the volumeof content in Scribd's library prohibits us from reaching out for verification before BookID disables content.Scribd frequently updates BookID in order to reduce false positives.Authors that publish to Scribd's subscription reading service through one of our publishing partners may also find that BookID may remove uploads of duplicate or similar content from personal Scribd accounts.If you believe that this removal is an error, please forward a copy of this notification to along with a clear explanation of your issue. Our team will review your request and will restore content as deemed appropriate.
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  1. If anybody is interested, his filings are in the public domain.
    Here are 3 links:


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