Thursday, June 7, 2018

Jesus for frum Jews

I have asked for recommendations for a teen age girl regarding Jesus

are their any kosher books available that you would recommend?


  1. still can't get into discus. let me respond to your request for
    sources against jc.

    but more important, books are only enough if there's no emotional
    involvement. Otherwise a local MENTOR is usually needed. for this the
    location of the person looking would need to be known

    הצלחה! לבריאות!

  2. You Take Jesus, I'll Take God: How to Refute Christian Missionaries

    Let's Get Biblical!: Why doesn't Judaism Accept the Christian Messiah?

    Leaving Jesus: A Book Every Christian Should have Read before they believed in Jesus

    I am also willing to answer questions on the topic by email:
    israelreader (at) gmail (dot) com
    If desired, the writer can use an anonymous email address.

  3. Is this the mehadrin version of Jews for Jesus? 😂

  4. start here perhaps:

  5. I taught for 5 years at Fordham University. In the Bronx campus Fordham had hanging in classrooms a miniature Jesus figure nailed to a cross. The Schuchan Aruch says a woman that wants to remarry claiming her husband is dead and she lacks proof that he’s dead, that if witnesses testify they saw the husband hanging nailed to a cross as the Romans did---she still cannot remarry! Why? Maybe the Romans took him down and he’s still alive! Witnesses saw the Romans nailing Jesus to the cross, but they did not see Jesus’ death. The Christians celebrate the holiday of Easter Sunday, because their tradition is that the Romans nailed Jesus to the cross on Thursday during Passover and Jesus appeared alive to his students with nail holes in his body 3 days later. Very few Jesus appearances after that. Jesus is always young, beautiful and strong.
    שולחן ערוך אבן העזר הלכות אישות סימן יז סעיף לא
    ראוהו צלוב והעוף אוכל בו, אף על פי שדקרוהו או ירו בו חצים, אין מעידין עליו. ואם ראו העוף אוכל במקום שהנפש יוצאה בנטילתו, כגון מוחו או לבו או בני מעיו, הרי זה מעיד עליו שמת.

  6. It's osser to learn about his teachings

  7. Amazing how many closet posqim we have among us.

  8. Tovia Singer's book, referenced above by IsraelReader, is very likely the best. FYI, DT, should this person have sufficient privacy to use the internet, Reb T.S. has many detailed Youtube videos of his presentations and radio broadcasts answering pretty much every question under the sun. A talmid chakham who knows Christian scripture be'al peh as well as (what's truly impressive) all relevant of the Church Fathers (i.e. the Christian meforshim who crafted Christian theology).

  9. It's a lav. In the Torah.

  10. Doesn't work that way, fella. For the Tzadduqim, it did.

    But you mean to cite here Rambam, Hilkhos AKu"M 2:2, for starters. And you'd be misapplying that source, anyway, in most instances; hence the need for pesaq halakha.

    It's a process call "Torah sheb'al peh," the modern understanding of which we who are properly Orthodox owe to the Netziv. Best find the time to acquaint yourself.

    Oh, and get a rebbe!!

  11. What Ruv allows you to learn other religions?

  12. Not a matter of "which rav". (Answer: any decent one, lemaaseh.) Matter of what motivation, what parameters of investigation, from whom/what one is to learn it, the capabilities & personal strengths/weaknesses of who's asking the shaiyla, etc. That is pesaq din: specific, individualized application of universal klallei halakha. Not the kind of thing one does from an armchair. Or from the blogosphere.

    (Or did you mean to imply that R' T. Singer, the talmid chakham whose impressive book on Christianity was mentioned early, be a continual & repeated sinner, challila?)

  13. Yes. R' Singer would be sinning if he researched Christianity to satisfy his own curiosity.

  14. what if his motivation was to be able to answer questions?

  15. ...And if not for that reason, he wouldn't be. Ergo, it is not "assur to study [JC]'s teachings," i.e. what you said.

    I can think of 3-6 legitimate reasons one might do so, all presumably muttar.


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