Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Rav Shmeul's phony heter has paid off

The Kollel would like to thank those who opened up their homes for Kollel shiurim and events during the past year. In the zechus of their hospitality and support, may their homes be blessed with health, happiness, and peace. We apologize for any omissions. Ilana Baltuch Karen Berkowitz Sara Bleier Diane Braid Galitte Den Amy Erlbaum Tamar Fleischer Stacey Goldman Gilya Hodos Susan Hullman Amanda Israel Cindy Kosloff Amy Kratchman Dana Kupfer Shelly Melman Paige Nochenson Dahlia Ocken Chava Paris Michie Pasternak Kristy Schulman Kineret Shakow Julia Strassman Lisa Stein Adina Spiller Mindy Zaslow Shayna Malka Zeffre

presumably, the Kollel would not sponsor a shiur in the home of a couple, in which the wife was also still married  to another man.  The fact that the Kollel sponsored a shiur in Adam and Tamar's home, and publicly, on the Internet, is thanking them for doing so is surely an endorsement of the annulment and remarriage.

Philadephia's Orthodox community is small and Rabbi Kamanetsky is closely associated with the Kollel.  The Kollel would not be endorsing the annulment and remarriage without Rabbi Kamenetsky's active approval.


  1. What on earth does this have to do with the heter??

    Rav Shmuel shlit"a is a godol regardless of the heter, which was an error. The heter has not become more accepted by anyone in the years since it was issued.

  2. i heard of another recent case where Rav nota annulled another marriage for similar spurious reasons no protests were heard.

  3. If there's another case you'd be able to tell us which couple it involved.

  4. Why then, do you demote Rav Goren who was also a Gadol, regardless of the heter - which was not accepted by anyone outside of his own circle?

  5. Mr. Goren was only a politician donning rabbinic cloth to further his political ambitions. Nothing more and nothing less. He'd have eaten pork or bowed to the Pope if that would've enhanced his career.

  6. that is a complete lie, Rav Goren ztl was a Gadol HaDor. Your problem is with his active Zionism. Rav Shach once approached him to set up a Kollel together, he was known as an Ilui in Hevron Yeshiva. Rav Henkin also said it is forbidden to attack him, he was one of the Gedolei HaDor. The atatcks were political in nature.

  7. Tamar Fleischer is thanked for helping the kollel. Obviously, the couple has been accepted by the community.

  8. No the problem with Mr. Goren is he was willing to allow mamzeirim marry for his political benefit. He was willing to trample Jewish law and toss out the Torah for his career prospects. The Gedolim condemned Goren in no uncertain terms. Even avowedly non-political visually always coordial Gedolim who stayed out of rabbinic fights such as Rav Moshe Feinstein denounced Goren.

    His Zionism was the least of the problems with him.

  9. Didn't recognize that last name. Do they have children?

  10. Not many people have condemned Rav Kamenetsky - because he is on the Moetzes. Rav Goren knew 10x or 100x more torah than R' Kamenetsky. I am not defending the psak - that is a separate question.

    He had no political benefit - he was running for Chief Rabbi, having been chief Rabbi of the Army, and then Tel Aviv. In '64 he ran against Rav Unterman, and the gap was so small, about 3 votes. So in 72, after the victory of the 6 day war, R' Goren was assured to win.

    Actually, the yated article says that Rav Elyashiv had a score to settle with R' Goren because of a previous conversion case (where Goren won and Elyashiv was not successful). That means that actually R' Elyashiv was nogea b'davar in this case.

    It is clear that Hareidim will always unite to fight outsiders, such as RZ or MO. On the other hand, they have no problem doing the same alleged sins, as in the case of D' Sherman or RSK. If you release a mamzer there is always a risk of someone attacking you. Rav Moshe was able to release agunot and mamzerim - but some disagreed, however they would not attack him because he was so great.
    Incidentally, Rav Moshe banned R' Rackman's book. Rackman was very similar to RSK, he expanded Rav Moshe's heter.

    Gedolim alleged that Goren was taking a bribe (his job of CR). Everyone is bribed - if you make a living in any kind of rabbanut. I will give an example: A large portion of the Eda's income is from their Hechser, which is one of the strictest Kashrut certificates going. So, can you objectively say that the Dayanim who are connected to the Eda have no financial interest in their halachic decision making? NO, and the same applies to the Rabbanut. Rabbanut has multi million contracts on kashrut, supplying the army etc , so can the Dayanim say they have no financial interest, when they earn a living in the matter they are involved in halachically? Again, the answer is no.

  11. Moe, are you saying that there exists a force in this world which is even worse than Zionism? You cannot be a true Satmar :)

  12. “Rav Shmuel's phony heter has paid off”
    No Torah violation here “Atias was jailed for one week for driving without a license after his driver's license was confiscated by the court. The judges clarified to Atias that if he continues to refuse to grant a divorce to his wife, his sentence will be increased and he will be sent to a long prison term until the divorce is granted”
    The parallel to me re Susan: Susan’s phony NYS court and TIAA actions has paid off for her: my TIAA pension etc. If Susan/NYS Courts/TIAA continue to refuse to allow me my TIAA pension, they will get a large fines and punishments. My letter 6/1/2018 to the NYS Cts, NYS Inspector General, NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct, and TIAA:
    “1. I submit this letter on my behalf, acting pro se. I request leave to contact the Court, the clerk's office or chamber's staff for the purposes of the cancellation of the $25,000 fines against me and for the freeing up of my TIAA pension. I also seek to perfect my appeal challenging the validity of your September 10, 2013 Judgment of Divorce and of your awarding my house to Susan. I also seek ending the court's, TIAA, and Susan's responsibility over the QDRO---to free my TIAA pension.
    2.The NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct writes me: ”May 11, 2018 Mr. Gerald Aranoff 8 Miriam Haneviah Street Bnei Brak Israel 51583 Re: 2018/N--0358 Dear Mr. Aranoff: This is to acknowledge receipt by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct of your complaint dated April 13, 2018…”
    3.My complaint today is that TIAA paying Susan 55% of my pension violates ERISA. Exhibit A: Popkin 3/24/1993 and Pesce 9/13/1996, shows that there was no good reason for TIAA to ever alienate me from my pension. Exhibit B: Federal Judge Sand 3/6/2009, shows that Judge Sand knew well that the NYS courts erred in the matter of ERISA but had no jurisdiction to intervene. I quote the Bible:”Did I ever brush aside the case of my servants, man or maid, When they made a complaint against me? What then should I do when God arises; When He calls me to account, what should I answer Him? Did not He who made me in my mother's belly make him? Did not One form us both in the womb? (Job 31:13-15).”
    The parallel is that The Kamentsky heter violates the Torah, Deuteronomy 24:1-2. NYS Courts rulings violate ERISA…


  14. Yehoshua says “Tamar Fleischer is thanked for helping the kollel. Obviously, the couple has been accepted by the community.” IsraelReader likes !?
    No. The couple cannot be accepted by the community because Tamar’s 2nd marriage violates Scriptural law.
    (א) כי יקח איש אשה ובעלה והיה אם לא תמצא חן בעיניו כי מצא בה ערות דבר וכתב לה ספר כריתת ונתן בידה ושלחה מביתו:
    (ב) ויצאה מביתו והלכה והיתה לאיש אחר:
    שולחן ערוך אבן העזר הלכות קידושין סימן לח סעיף ה
    התנה בשעת הקדושין שלא יהא לה שאר וכסות, תנאו קיים, ואינו מתחייב לה בהם. אבל אם התנה שלא יתחייב בעונה, תנאו בטל וחייב בה. הגה: דכל המתנה על מה שכתוב בתורה, ואינו ממון, תנאו בטל (ד"ע). ויש אומרים דכל מאי דתיקון רבנן הוי כמו שמר בתורה (הגהות מרדכי ריש הכותב).
    Baba Metzia 94a
    “But why so? Is it not a stipulation contrary to Scriptural law, which is null [The degrees of liability of the different bailees are stated explicitly, and also partly deduced from Scripture] ? This agrees with R. Judah, who maintained: In civil matters [lit., in a monetary matter] the stipulation is valid. For it has been taught: If one says to a woman, Behold, thou art betrothed unto me on condition that thou hast upon me no claims of sustenance, raiment and conjugal rights’, she is betrothed, but the condition is null; this is R. Meir's view. R. Judah said: In respect of money matters, his condition is valid [Hence she has no claims of sustenance and raiment, but is entitled to conjugal rights].”
    I say, good, that TIAA pays Susan 55% of my pension from early 1994. Now, it’s $984, tax free to Susan. TIAA pays me $803 monthly. This violates ERISA. I could complain every month. ERISA is a federal law that NYS officials dare not be dismissive of.
    We can complain on this blog that the Philadelphia yeshiva world accepts Tamar’s 2nd marriage that violates Torah. I can complain on this blog that NYS officials accept that TIAA pay Susan 55% of my pension that violates ERISA. Susan was prominent in Tamar’s 2nd marriage.

  15. “Rav Shmuel's phony heter has paid off”
    Man marries a woman on condition no sex with woman, must have sex with that woman, his wife, since it’s a Torah law. The no sex condition is null and void and certainly not a reason to nullify the marriage. Fine.
    Rabbi Kemenetsky permitted Tamar to remarry in violation of a Torah law, after demonstrating against aaron for years.
    (internet 2012):
    “Supporters of Tamar Epstein, whose ex-husband, Aharon Friedman, refuses to give her a religious divorce, have been pressuring Friedman's boss, U.S. Rep. Dave Camp, R-Michigan, to fire Friedman. They have protested in front of Camp's office, signed a petition at, started a website ( and in February, bombarded Camp's official congressional Facebook page. But Susan Aranoff, director of Agunah International, which supports Jewish women seeking divorces, said social media has little effect because many husbands still are resistant after all the bullets have been fired."
    Supporters of Tamar brush aside all complaints today. Horrible. This can lead to more and more doing like Tamar. See
    “It was just too clear to me that a successful sic destruction would whet the appetite of those who were against Jewish life/communities in all of these places to destroy even more. And in the first flush of Disengagement, during the rule of Ehud Olmert, if I remember correctly, there was an announcement that the new maps had been drawn, and lists of the next communities to go...Yes, I remember a government official/minister on television, looking drunk with the power of life & death happily announcing that more of the Land of Israel would be judenrein very shortly. And that included Shiloh, which then was considered small, unimportant and isolated.”
    A successful destruction of the marriage of Tamar and Aaron, without a get, would whet the appetite for ORA and Agunah International etc to do more and more of the same. The true cost of destroying Gush Katief, whets the appetites of our enemies to destroy more and more.
    Hired goons physically assaulted Aaron in the driveway after a visit to Aaron’s daughter. These feminists are bullies, in court and out of court. The Kamenetsky heter whets the appetites of these feminist bullies. In a sense Susan is a rodef...

  16. "IsraelReader likes !?"

    For the record, I do NOT agree with the phony "hetter", and I deplore the fact that the couple has been accepted by the community
    I did not "like" the comment. I up-voted it, because I share the sentiments of the writer. Do you disagree?

  17. Once again, please leave my name out of all your comments with your "Susan" rants; or, better yet, just don't write them at all. I don't think anyone here (or anywhere else) is interested.

  18. “Rav Shmuel's phony heter has paid off”
    “Similarly, we are commanded for generations: “Appoint yourselves judges and police for your tribes in all your settlements that God your Lord is giving you, and make sure that they administer honest judgment for the people” (Deuteronomy 16:18)…. Torah scholars of one sect or group must not disqualify the scholars of another, as long as they are loyal to the Torah and its commandments. And even if their halachic opinion is unacceptable to the majority, it is forbidden to disqualify their position regarding what they rule in their own communities, for example the authority of mara d’atra(local rabbinic authority), and their opinions must be considered and they must be included in general halakhic discussions…In addition, sometimes my opinion is different from theirs, and I do not want to enter into an argument, or try to prevent them from expressing their opinions which I respect because it stems from fear of Heaven and is based on serious and reasoned halakhic study.”

  19. Torah thought on the parsha
    “The Lord spoke to Moses, saying, Send men to scout the land of Canaan, which I am giving to the Israelite people; send one man from each of their ancestral tribes, each one a chieftain among them. So Moses, by the Lord’s command, sent them out from the wilderness of Paran, all the men being leaders of the Israelites. And these were their names: From the tribe of Reuben, Shammua son of Zaccur. From the tribe of Simeon, Shaphat son of Hori. From the tribe of Judah, Caleb son of Jephunneh. From the tribe of Issachar, Igal son of Joseph. From the tribe of Ephraim, Hosea [or Hoshea] son of Nun. From the tribe of Benjamin, Palti son of Rafu. From the tribe of Zebulun, Gaddiel son of Sodi. From the tribe of Joseph, namely, the tribe of Manasseh, Gaddi son of Susi. From the tribe of Dan, Ammiel son of Gemalli. From the tribe of Asher, Sethur son of Michael. From the tribe of Naphtali, Nahbi son of Vophsi. From the tribe of Gad, Geuel son of Machi” (Numbers 13:1-15).
    במדבר פרק יג פסוק ג
    וישלח אתם משה ממדבר פארן על פי יקוק כלם אנשים ראשי בני ישראל המה:
    רש"י במדבר פרשת שלח פרק יג פסוק ג
    כלם אנשים - כל אנשים שבמקרא לשון חשיבות, ואותה שעה כשרים היו:
    Midrash Rabbah - Ecclesiastes VII:37
    “Now, I find woman more bitter than death; she is all traps, her hands are fetters and her heart is snares. He who is pleasing to God escapes her, and he who is displeasing is caught by her” (Ecclesiastes 7:26). The Rabbis say: Because she demands of man things which are beyond his power she ultimately kills him with a bitter death. A man once had a neighbor who was a bandit and used to go out to commit robbery at night, while by day he supported his sons and daughters [in comfort]. That man's wife exclaimed, How unlucky I am to be attached to you! Do you not see how [luxuriously] our neighbor's children eat and drink? The husband said to her, Do you want me to act like him? She replied, What of it! He said to her, Come and persuade him to let me go with him. They went and persuaded him, so that he agreed to take him with him. The bandit went out [with his men to rob] that night, but the guard had planned to go after them. Since he was familiar with the roads he fled and was saved; but this man, being ignorant of the roads, was captured and hanged, and they quoted the proverb over him, The last of the robbers is the first of the hanged.”
    My theory is that the ten wicked spies were good men that their wives drove them to be become leaders. They really didn’t deserve to be leaders. They studied little Torah and were active in politics. The end of them was: “those who spread such calumnies about the land died of plague, by the will of the Lord” (Numbers 14:37).

  20. Does the husband want privacy?
    Obviously, yes

  21. any more news on this?
    Perhaps the case was different from this one?


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