Friday, February 12, 2016

Terumah The Missing Posts by Rabbi Shlomo Pollak

Guest post by Rabbi Shlomo Pollak

The courtyard of the Mishkon was to be surrounded by "Kelayim"- curtains..... 

The Torah instructs us to make one post (pole, "amud") for every five amos of curtain. Regardless, if the wall was 15 amos, and up to 100 amos, the number doesn't change- 5 amos of curtain for every post. This would leave us to understand, that there was to be 5 amos BETWEEN each amud/ post.

Indeed, the Bireisah D'Mileches Hamishkon, and Rashi, in Parshas Trumah (27;10) say clearly, that there was 5 amos between each post...

The problem is, however, that a curtain must hang between TWO posts, and every curtain is missing one post...

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