Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Skulener Rebbe: Consequences of avoiding sex education with bachruim


  1. I think the rebbe didn't understand this issue well enough.
    Mastrubation is a scurge that inflicts the Orthodox Jewish male population.
    Due to the unique way the Orthodox Jewish male views his sexuallty.
    Generally an Orthodox Jewish male doesn't chase after girls.
    Infact most of them start dating late.
    so what do they do with their sex drive until then ?
    Some ignore it as they are supposed to do.
    Others turn their sex drive on themselves and fall into the sin of mastrubation.
    May God help us !

  2. I just came across this post, and it is discussing shichvat zera, and the Rebbe says it is widespread , based on those bochrim who confess to him.
    However, this is not a scientific study, and there may be others who do not confess , but have engaged in such behaviour. This is logical, since the stigma attached to it is so great, why should everyone be totally open about it?
    There are so many negative consequences, from this aveira, that is could be totally depressing for anyone to learn about these consequences, all of a sudden somebody is reading that he is worse than Hitler, whilst his secular cousins who do not learn or keep mitzvot are free to do whatever they like.
    So think f the psychological damage that the mysticism and fear of sin can actually do to person. And despite this, sex abuse is still a problem in orthodox and same sex environments.


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